New Broad Spectrum Elixir CBD Oil Offers Relief to Pets and Owners Alike – PRNewswire

CANBY, Ore., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today LIX, the Oregon-based startup focused on improving pets’ lives with organically sourced cannabidiol, or CBD, formally announced a new line of broad spectrum, odorless and flavorless CBD tinctures for all pets. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp.

„The Elixir” tincture is a sustainability harvested CBD oil complete with a signature cannabinoid profile. This is the first product under the LIX brand for founders Erin Hills and Kirstan Sanders. With a combined 25 years of experience in the pet wellness, food, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and technology worlds, Hills and Sanders combined their complementary skills – and their years nurturing animals in and out of rescue – to launch LIX in May 2020.

Animals can take the product straight from the dropper, resulting in immediate absorption to the system. Alternatively, pet owners can add the tincture to food. All LIX products are made with broad spectrum CBD oil and contain no THC. „The Elixir” is available in 250, 500, and 1,000 mg sizes with dosing and guidance on every package.

LIX pet wellness products are designed for animals, and are human grade, organic, flavorless, odorless and always free of pesticides and additives. CBD used in LIX products is organically sourced and sustainably harvested in Colorado, Washington, California, and Oregon.

Shipping is available domestically and internationally dependent on regulations. All foreign regulatory information is available at and [email protected]. LIX tinctures are ISO/GMP (International Standards Organization & Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

According to Brightfield Group, the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and cannabis industries, „48% of pet CBD buyers stop using prescriptions for their pets once they try CBD, indicating significant potential for this growing market. The industry grew 946% in 2019.”

„The Elixir has a signature cannabinoid profile that we created in order to improve the health and happiness of our own animals struggling with pain, anxiety, and mobility issues. We have always searched for the best quality holistic wellness solutions for our own pets or those in our rescue organization. My background in operations and sales combined with Kirstan’s background in sustainable, organic pet wellness products made us the perfect team. The more we learned about the efficacy of hemp-derived CBD for animals, it was a natural extension of our philosophy, business experience, and passion for animals to launch the company,” said Hills.

„Through running a pet rescue organization together and caring for our own animals, we have always been obsessed with overall pet happiness. Quality is critical to the mission of LIX and we’ll stay committed to pets, their people, and improving sustainability practices for our cherished Earth,” said Sanders.

„We brought this product into our pet store and it immediately became our best-selling CBD product. The milligrams are clearly labeled and the instructions make it very simple to dose your pet. Customers have been telling us it’s great because their pets truly can’t taste it so administering it is easy,” said Sadie K., store manager at The Healthy Pet, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Each batch of product is tested at a third-party independent lab to ensure the highest quality and potency. All LIX products use the highest quality hemp CBD combined with natural and organic ingredients.

LIX products are available online at, and in several independent pet stores in the Portland area. Due to increasing demand, in addition to the tinctures and a freshly launched topical salve, LIX has more ingestibles and topicals in pre-production. To find a LIX distributor near you, please visit To inquire about becoming a LIX retailer, please contact [email protected].

About LIX
LIX was created to calm ache, ease pain, and support mobility for all animals (and their people). Steeped in the pet, cannabis and technology worlds, founders Kirstan Sanders and Erin Hills combined their long friendship, their complementary skills in finance, operations and sales, and their years spent helping animals in and out of rescue to launch LIX in May 2020. LIX offers broad spectrum, flavorless and odorless tinctures with a signature cannabinoid profile. Each batch of product is tested at a third-party independent lab to ensure the highest quality and potency. All LIX products use the highest quality hemp CBD combined with natural and organic ingredients. Kirstan and Erin’s passion is to create the highest quality human grade wellness products for pets that are safe for people, too.

LIX is people tested, animal approved.

Media Contact

Lauren Burt

[email protected]


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Cannabis Global Launches New „Hemp You Can Feel™” Alcohol Substitute Mixers – PRNewswire

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis Global, Inc, (OTCMKTS: CBGL) („Cannabis Global” or the „Company”), a cannabinoid and hemp extract science forward company developing infusion and delivery technologies, is excited to announce the live public launch of its Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers.

Hemp You Can Feel™ mixers are now available for online consumer purchase as well as bulk purchase for wholesale distribution. Cocktails based on the Hemp You Can Feel™ mixers provide an experience on par with light alcohol consumption, but without any of the harmful side effects of alcohol.

„Because of the ultra-low levels of hemp extracts utilized, we feel we set a new standard for product-safety and satisfaction in the hemp food and beverage category with this product,” commented Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global. „While our Hemp You Can Feel™ beverages likely have the lowest hemp extract levels in the industry, we believe we provide a vastly superior positive effect upon use. We invite all consumers and alcohol industry participants to try what we see as the first viable alternative to alcoholic beverages. Our website is Take the HempYouCanFeel Challenge!”

The cocktail mixer product line currently features three simple-to-use mixers: Margarita Jalapeño, Skinny Classic Cosmopolitan, and Hibiscus Mint Lemon mixer. The Preparation of a Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktail is simple: add 1-2 oz along with ice and sparkling water – and of course, no alcohol. The Company is planning to release multiple additional hemp-based flavors soon.

The Company believes the use of Hemp You Can Feel™ is significantly safer than the consumption of other hemp-based or high-cannabidiol (CBD) based beverages. Because of the natural water solubility of the preparations, only a minuscule amount of hemp extracts is present in the cocktail mixers. Laboratory analysis and results by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) indicated the presence of hemp extracts in the non-detectable category.

„The infusion technology behind our new Hemp You Can Feel™ alcohol-free cocktail mixers is highly advanced, yet ultra-simple,” added Tabatabaei. „It’s based on honeybees, powered by Bee-Fuse technology and our provisional patent on an all-natural, room temperature powderization technology. Nature has provided bees with unique enzymes that can naturally break down oil-based hemp extracts into a water-soluble compound, which we rely upon to create our cocktail mixers. There has never been anything like this product on the marketplace. Only nature could provide such a simple and elegant solution. Yet, it is highly effective, allowing us to produce the first hemp-based product that holds its own against alcohol-based beverages.”

Hemp You Can Feel™ is a registered trademark of Cannabis Global, Inc. Multiple pending and issued patents have been filed on the technologies discussed in the press release.

About Cannabis Global, Inc.

Cannabis Global, Inc., formerly known as MCTC Holdings, Inc., is a fully audited and reporting Company with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, trading with the stock symbol CBGL. The Company is an emerging force in the area of cannabinoid sciences and highly bioavailable hemp and cannabis infusion technologies. The Company does not engage in the production, distribution, or sales of any controlled substances, including marijuana. The Company has an actively growing portfolio of intellectual property having filed six patents in the areas of cannabinoid delivery systems and cannabinoid polymeric nanoparticles. The Company markets its consumer products under the Hemp You Can Feel™ brand name. Cannabis Global launched its Project Varin early in 2020, to develop new delivery methods for rare cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THV-C) and to develop products based on this cannabinoid.

About Provisional Patent Filings

Under United States patent law, a provisional application is a legal document filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, that establishes an early filing date, but does not mature into an issued patent unless the applicant files a regular non-provisional patent application within one year.

Bee Fuse Technology

Several of the company’s products are powered by Bee Fuse technology. Bee-Fuse Technology is an IP Protected method which enables bees to naturally express the full spectrum of the Hemp plant in their honey in a highly efficient manner, utilizing low amounts of cannabinoids as well as therapeutic terpenes which creates a unique delivery platform for any strain. 

Forward-looking Statements

This news release contains „forward-looking statements” which are not purely historical and may include any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Such forward-looking statements include, among other things, the development, costs and results of new business opportunities and words such as „anticipate”, „seek”, intend”, „believe”, „estimate”, „expect”, „project”, „plan”, or similar phrases may be deemed „forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results could differ from those projected in any forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, among others, the inherent uncertainties associated with new projects, the future U.S. and global economies, the impact of competition, and the Company’s reliance on existing regulations regarding the use and development of cannabis-based products. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this news release, and we assume no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Although we believe that any beliefs, plans, expectations and intentions contained in this press release are reasonable, there can be no assurance that any such beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions will prove to be accurate. Investors should consult all of the information set forth herein and should also refer to the risk factors disclosure outlined in our annual report on Form 10-k, our quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and other periodic reports filed from time-to-time with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:
Arman Tabatabaei
[email protected]


Public Relations:

Tiger Global Management
[email protected]

SOURCE Cannabis Global, Inc.

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Q&A: California State Treasurer Fiona Ma Talks Cannabis, Safe Banking, and Social Equity – Cannabis Wire

There’s a lot of cash in cannabis. Literally. 

Legal cannabis businesses often deal in problematic paper money due to hurdles securing lines of credit and loans. So long as cannabis remains federally illegal, many banks have opted to avoid the industry. Congressional bills aiming to provide banking solutions have stalled, but cannabis businesses in California and beyond have a vocal advocate on their side: California Treasurer Fiona Ma. 

Ma has played a significant role in the push for banking services for the cannabis industry. In February 2019, she testified before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services to try to persuade lawmakers to pass the SAFE Banking Act, which would allow banks and financial institutions to work with cannabis businesses without fear of federal pushback. In September of 2019, the SAFE Banking Act became the first standalone piece of cannabis legislation to pass in the House of Representatives. (Read Cannabis Wire’s resource page on cannabis and banking.)

This July, Ma and other state treasurers wrote a joint letter to leaders in Congress about the urgency of including language from the SAFE Banking Act as part of a larger COVID-19 relief package, known as the HEROES Act. The letter highlights a number of ways that COVID-19 affects state-licensed cannabis operators, including the public health concerns related to conducting curbside pickup using cash considering the potential of cash transactions for spreading COVID-19, and how the lack of access to federal relief funds for cannabis businesses also affects non-cannabis businesses and workers that rely on the cannabis industry. Republicans who control the Senate have publicly opposed this inclusion.

California has the largest legal cannabis market in the country. The state has struggled for years to find a way for cannabis entities to legitimately manage their finances. A feasibility study report on a “state-backed financial institution serving the cannabis industry,” commissioned by then-State Treasurer John Chiang’s office in 2018, emphasized that dealing in cash makes cannabis businesses and their employees targets of violent crime, and puts a strain on state and local agencies that must collect taxes and fees from them. Both Ma’s congressional testimony and the report cited “duffel bags” of cash that cannabis operators would bring to state offices for tax collection, and the lengths these employees go to travel with so much paper money. 

In 2018, California lawmakers introduced a bill that would provide a temporary banking infrastructure for licensed cannabis businesses. It was later pulled by its sponsor, Sen. Bob Hertzberg, as Cannabis Wire previously reported. This year, one bill, AB 1525, seeks to protect financial institutions in California from facing legal consequences if they choose to provide services to cannabis businesses, while another bill, AB 310, seeks to set up a state bank that could end up helping the cannabis industry, even though it does not explicitly mention cannabis. Both bills have been slowed by COVID-19, and the legislative session ends this month. (Governor Gavin Newsom has until September 30 to sign bills that make it to his desk).

Cannabis Wire spoke with Ma about what COVID-19 has meant for the California cannabis industry, her efforts to push safe banking legislation forward, obstacles to state banking, and what real social equity would look like for small cannabis business owners in the state. (This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.)

Cannabis Wire: From the perspective of the state Treasury Department, what would you say are the most significant hurdles for California’s cannabis business owners right now?

Fiona Ma: Well, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, parts of government have either slowed down or workers are working remotely, so all of the permitting processes have slowed down significantly. One of our big initiatives was to streamline—there’s about five different agencies that a cannabis client has to go through, depending, and so the governor will streamline all of those processes under one agency instead of having people go through five different agencies that aren’t always talking to each other. So, that has been put on hold till next year. That’s definitely one of our major barriers, is the amount of bureaucracy and red tape it takes even at the state level. In California, you cannot get a state permit without getting your local permit. Now, in California, some of the governments, the local governments, completely shut down, like not doing business, not open to the public, not answering their phones. So, folks who are waiting for a local permit in one of those jurisdictions, they’ve just been put on hold. That’s one thing. 

The good news is that cannabis is considered an essential business in California. So, since March 16 and the governor’s stay at home order, cannabis businesses have been able to stay open, which has been a godsend, I think, for the industry.

Cannabis Wire: There was the letter that you and other state treasurers sent to Congressional leaders, and you wrote about the urgency of passing safe banking legislation. Can you characterize the conversation surrounding the letter when you were crafting it, and also how it was received?

Fiona Ma: I went and testified on the SAFE Banking Act, the first hearing in Congress, back in February of 2019. That was the first-ever hearing that the cannabis industry has had in all of Congress. I was there with about eight other individuals testifying before [U.S. Representative] Maxine Waters’ subcommittee. It was a very positive first step in having the bill heard. And since then, [Colorado Representative Ed] Perlmutter has been very dogged and pushy—in a good way—to try to get it through at least the House of Representatives. 

And there was finally a vote, and it was an overwhelmingly positive vote, with some Republicans that joined, so he was feeling really good about the momentum. And then, of course, we’ve been waiting to have a meeting or hearing at the Senate level, and that still hasn’t happened. And then the pandemic happened. So that’s what’s been happening. And of course, you know, we’re Democratic treasurers representing states where medical and adult use have passed. So for us, it is the will of the voters to legalize cannabis and make it mainstream. So those are the treasurers that signed on. 

For a number of reasons, the SAFE Banking Act is a priority. Obviously, the lack of banking access is making it really difficult for not only the industry but also for our taxing agencies. It’s still very hard for our auditors to even ascertain whether people are paying the right amount of cash. And we’re depending on folks to be honest. The honesty system is what we’re depending on right now. 

Also, when we had the Black Lives Matter protests, there were people that were specifically targeting our cannabis dispensaries. And they were able to get the list because it was a public list [of legal cannabis companies operating in CA], so I think the state has taken that list down to protect the dispensary owners. I went to visit one in San Francisco, and they broke in twice to his place, and he’s preparing for the next one. So he’s renovating his building to put more rails and metal guards, gates, boosting up his security system and everything, preparing for the next one. So this is very real to the industry. I can’t tell you how many of them were hit, but I’ve been on calls and they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, they attacked us or robbed us and looted us and broke in.’ 

Cannabis Wire: With all those issues in mind, do you have an idea of how the letter was received?

Fiona Ma: It was to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker, and it’s already passed overwhelmingly in the House. We just wanted to make sure that she kept it in the HEROES Act. And as the House is negotiating with the Senate right now, we just really wanted to make sure that this was top of mind for her, that it was important for the state treasurers to be able to better track, and also collect revenues from, the cannabis industry, and we can’t do that without banking access. So that was really the main message for that letter.

Cannabis Wire: Why have so many of these efforts stalled at the federal level?

Fiona Ma: Because of the US Senate. The chair of the banking committee, and the vice chair, they don’t like cannabis. They come from states that have not passed cannabis legalization, so they’re still just living in the past.

Cannabis Wire: Then we have AB 1525. Do you think this bill will pass this legislative session? If so, what could the implications be for California’s cannabis industry, both short and long term?

Fiona Ma: I don’t think that bill is moving through the legislature, because of its shortened time frame. Also, two members tested positive for COVID-19. So they adjourned and kept members out longer than they were expected. They are just back, and I understand that the legislative leaders on both sides have asked all members just to put up their number one priority bill, and it has to be related to COVID-19. I don’t think that cannabis bill is moving. Otherwise, I would have known about it, I would have testified, I would have sent a support letter. I just don’t think that bill is moving.

Cannabis Wire: Some states, especially California, are really taking it upon themselves to find solutions to these problems. What are some of the conversations you’ve had with other treasurers, regulators, and lawmakers about the idea of a state bank?

Fiona Ma: I’ve been talking with public bank advocates. Last year, Governor [Gavin] Newsom signed a bill [AB 857] that would allow cities or municipalities to explore, and open, if they wanted, their own public bank. So the public bank advocates saw an opening here, because of so many folks who are unbanked, to gut and amend the bill here in the legislature. We’re not sure whether it’s going to be heard or not, and that’s AB 310 by [Assemblymember Miguel] Santiago to basically create a state bank. 

At the treasurer’s office, with my predecessor, there were about 14 of us on the cannabis banking work group. We had about an 18 month timeline. We had hearings, we had probably 500 speakers come through, and we had a consultant write a final report that said that creating and standing up a bank, number one, is going to take time. Number two, it’s going to take a lot of resources to ensure and collateralize whatever the loan packages are going to be. Now, this bill is not really going to stand up a consumer depository institution like we know of, like Bank of America or a credit union. The advocates really want to create a bank to support and make available funds for those that are hardest to bank, those that don’t have credit, those that don’t have access to, for example, the PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] or the EIDL [Economic Injury Disaster Loan] loans right now. And presumably, it would also apply to the cannabis industry, even though they did not specifically say that in the bill. But the cannabis industry is one of those industries that faces the same problem as many of the underserved, underbanked, low income community members.

Cannabis Wire: With the proposals that have to do with banking and cannabis, both on a state and federal level, how do they further social equity?

Fiona Ma: That’s the problem. So we have established a social equity program to try to get those that have been most marginalized in the past, maybe arrested or jailed for cannabis, to be able to enter into this industry and basically not have their record held against them. However, when you are talking about a system that is not fair and open, especially in the banking system, well, who has access to banks and loans? And investors? It’s not the poor people, who have been to jail. The people who are able to sustain are those who have been doing this for a long time, have saved up a lot of money, who have access to people who are in the banks because of their past credit, or their investors, and I have found that investors tend to stick together from project to project, and those are the people that are able to make it. But the smaller, more marginalized social equity applicants just can’t make it without some sort of assistance. And so we’re not seeing a very robust social equity program in California as Prop 64 [the adult use ballot initiative passed in 2016] intended.

Cannabis Wire: What are ways that these kinds of programs can be more sustainable and actually have some teeth in the future?

Fiona Ma: One, you need to have access to capital. So, if these folks are trying to start a business, starting a business means having to go and get a property. And you have to put a deposit down. You have to set up all of the utilities because [cannabis businesses] can use a lot of water and electricity. All of this costs money. Social equity applicants don’t have a lot of savings. So they’re going to really depend on some sort of small business loan as starting capital, and it’s not available to them.

Cannabis Wire: Is there anything else that you’re looking toward in the short term in California?

Fiona Ma: The November 3rd election. We need to take back seats in the Senate. And if we’re able to do that, then I’m confident that we will be able to pass some banking access legislation. So that’s what I’m looking forward to, November 3rd.

Former Police Officer Sees Rewards of CBD Business in Orlando – News 13

ORLANDO, Fla. — Retired New York police officer Roberto Acevedo did his time cracking down on crime as a police officer in New York.

Now in Orlando during the coronavirus pandemic, he’s breaking into a brand new business venture, one that used to be illegal — hemp.

What You Need To Know

  • Robert Acevedo said legaliization gave him new perspective
  • His security business is right behind the CBD shop
  • Niece and business partner used to take antidepressants instead
  • Acevedo says people need to change, grow

“I’m very excited about it. Trying something new,” Acevedo said of the Nothing But Hemp store. “Now that it’s legalized, I’m starting to see the benefits of it.”

Acevedo saw those benefits up close, thanks to his niece and now business partner, Stephanie Ayala.

“She was the main reason that I made the decision because she knows the product,” Acevedo said. “She knows what it can do for people.”

Ayala knows what it did for her. She has used several of the products they sell, but she remembers what it was like before she found CBD, taking medication every day for her anxiety and depression.

“Those antidepressants were just taking over me,” Ayala said. “My anxiety was getting worse. It was getting to the point where I wouldn’t want to leave my room.”

From feeling trapped, to being surrounded by the substance she said made her feel finally free.

Now she is excited to serve her customers, to see if CBD is what they, like her, never knew they needed.

“Giving them some knowledge on this business, and letting them know that it’s okay to do stuff like this,” Ayala said.

For Acevedo, selling tinctures, gummies, CBD flowers, and pain creams is a far cry from his past career.

But as he said, “The world changes every day, so we gotta go along with the changes so we grow and learn. The more we learn, the more changes we’re going to make in our life.”

Acevedo still runs his security business, which is headquartered inside, right behind the CBD shop.

But he said he’s happy to be providing another essential service, in a time when people may need it most.

5 Ways CBD Can Boost Your Sex Life – Anti Aging News

172  0 Posted on Aug 05, 2020, 6 p.m.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is arguably the most popular extract from the cannabis plant, and understandably so. It’s used for the treatment of numerous medical conditions and is what comes to mind whenever the therapeutic properties of cannabis are discussed. 

The popularity of CBD is only rivaled by that of its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While both CBD and THC come from the cannabis plant, these two compounds are fundamentally different in how they interact with the body. THC causes both psychoactive and intoxicating effects, whereas CBD does not. 

Therefore, you’re likely to encounter CBD in the health and wellness arena while THC is a bit more popular for recreational cannabis use. Among its many benefits, this post will highlight how CBD can boost your sex life.

1. CBD Treats Pain

Pain is the primary condition that medical experts usually prescribe cannabidiol to treat. Pain also happens during sex, which mostly affects women. Many women occasionally suffer from dyspareunia, which refers to a group of disorders characterized by pain and poor intimacy during sex. According to research, dyspareunia affects up to 40 percent of women during sex. 

To understand how CBD treats pain, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the endocannabinoid system. Essentially, the endocannabinoid system refers to the body’s cell-signaling system that has a primary function of regulating normal homeostatic balance. It plays a fundamental role in escalating relief from various medical conditions, such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. The endocannabinoid system comprises endogenous cannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and a series of hormones that facilitate the synthesis and degradation of endocannabinoids. 

When you’re in pain, the pain is registered in your endocannabinoid system through a cell-signaling process involving your endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors. CBD improves the functions of this system by altering the chemical structure of your endocannabinoid receptors. 

Therefore, your endocannabinoids are able to bind to these receptors more effectively. According to this 2018 study, CBD was shown to help with various kinds of pain. Besides extensive research on CBD’s pain-relieving properties, a 2019 survey by Remedy Review also corroborated the claims that CBD could help to treat dyspareunia. In this survey, more than 98 percent of CBD users surveyed said that CBD was able to alleviate pain during sex.

Another way CBD might help to relieve pain and help you enjoy a great sexual experience is by reducing inflammation. Cannabidiol inhibits inflammation by lowering the activity of inflammatory messengers. 

2. CBD Relieves Anxiety

Another way CBD can help boost your sexual performance is by relieving anxiety. As you may already know, sex is more of a mental and emotional experience than it is a physical one. So, to enjoy fulfilling sex, your mind should be free of racing thoughts. 

In fact, an anxious mind is one of the greatest hindrances of enjoying a sexual experience. Not only does it affect your performance, but it can even prevent you from getting into the mood in the first place. Thankfully, you can invest in CBDfx gummies or any CBD products by this reputable brand to relieve anxiety for more explosive sex. 

According to studies, CBD relieves anxiety by improving the brain’s sensitivity to feel-good chemicals like serotonin. Low levels of serotonin have always been linked to stress and anxiety. So far, cannabidiol has shown positive results with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder.

3. Regulation of Hormones Associated With Sex

We’ve already discussed the role of CBD in improving the brain’s sensitivity to feel-good chemicals like serotonin which, in turn, relieves anxiety and boosts sexual performance. However, that’s not the only way CBD interacts with the body’s neurotransmitters and hormones. 

Remember what we said about the role of CBD and how it affects the body’s hormone regulating system? Well, in addition to serotonin, cannabidiol also lowers cortisol, one of the biggest stress-inducing hormones. 

On the flip side, CBD activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is basically in a restful and receptive state before and during sexual intercourse. 

CBD has also been associated with regulating the body’s sensitivity to estrogen, which goes a long way to enhance a woman’s responsiveness and receptiveness to her sexual partner.

4. CBD Increases Orgasms

It’s impossible to imagine sex without an orgasm. It’s the end goal of any sexual experience anyway. But as strange as it may sound, millions of people all over the world fail to achieve orgasms. Those who have been there know how frustrating it is. 

Fortunately, CBD has also shown positive effects on orgasm. According to a 2019 review paper, cannabis extracts were shown to help achieve longer and more intense orgasms. This has to do with the ability of cannabis to promote intimacy between sexual partners, as well as increase blood flow to tissues across the body. 

Remember that CBD is a major vasodilator, which relaxes the muscles in blood vessels. By relaxing your blood vessel muscles, CBD allows blood to rush to your sexual organs, increasing nerve sensation around those organs. The end result is more pleasurable and intense orgasms.

5. CBD Boosts Energy

Last but not least, CBD increases your energy levels, which is crucial in having explosive sexual intercourse. To enjoy the energy-boosting benefits of cannabidiol, you’ll need to invest in full-spectrum CBD

Basically, full-spectrum CBD products refer to products that contain both CBD and THC, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenoids. The logic is that by using a full-spectrum CBD product prior to sexual intercourse, you can enjoy the stimulating effects of THC. 

But while THC boosts your energy levels, it has a way of transitioning from being a stimulant to a sedative, especially when consumed in large amounts. So, full-spectrum CBD modulates the effects of THC by preventing it from producing sedative properties.

There are several ways CBD can help optimize your sex life. If you’re a new CBD user, note that the unwritten rule is to start off with low doses. After that, you can increase it gradually until you achieve the ideal dose and desired results.

THC political leader: Party has nothing to do with weed – Trinidad News

Trinidad Humanity Campaign (THC) representatives for Tunapuna Marcus Ramkissoon, left, and Couva South Linnell Doolan. - Ayanna KinsaleTrinidad Humanity Campaign (THC) representatives for Tunapuna Marcus Ramkissoon, left, and Couva South Linnell Doolan. – Ayanna Kinsale

POLITICAL LEADER of Trinidad Humanity Campaign Marcus Ramkissoon is urging citizens to make a sane choice on August 10 and vote outside of tribal lines.

Ramkissoon, who is known as a marijuana expert also wants to separate his political party, which has existed for the past three general elections, from cannabis.

“We are not about weed, my career is separate from my politics just like we have a volcanologist who is the Prime Minister, is his party or the government about volcanoes? As his party has nothing to do with volcanology our party has nothing to do with cannabis.”

Speaking at his Valsayn home along with one of his six other candidates, Linnell Doolan, the Tunapuna candidate promises to deny bail to those arrested with illegal gun possession and increase the penalty. A gun amnesty will be implemented that will exchange guns for groceries. Medically, THC proposes that each health centre be able to treat with accidents and emergency cases.

THC will mandate that medical graduates complete continuing medical education and introduce a electronic medical record system that can be accessed by both the private and public health system. For non-nationals who can’t benefit from free medical treatment, THC hopes to make travel insurance mandatory.

He added that, without ever setting foot in Parliament, his 2010 manifesto promise to decriminalise the use of small amounts of marijuana became a reality. If elected, THC would be participatory government so every political member of the Parliament would have a say in legislation to bring forward before hand.

Asked why should THC be elected into office, Ramkissoon said: “Is it not worth $5,000 to encourage someone to be able to stand up and know that they have a choice they have an alternative to the two large parties. Those who complaining about the governance of TT that want change, here is the opportunity, vote for the small parties, vote for the independents that will effect much better changes from what they have said so far than what we have seen in the last few decades.”

He likened the current political landscape of a two major party system as insanely choosing between two failing managers to run your business hoping that each time they are hired they will somehow improve.

Ramkissoon, who says he stands for integrity in government, promises to make every government purchase public. He said his aim is to move away from fossil fuel and convert the vehicles to use bio-fuel. This will see all of TT’s natural gases being exported as THC aim to create 70,000 sustainable jobs.

Doolan, a building contractor, who is vying for the Couva South seat said while the constituency has voted UNC all their electoral lives, there is little government has done for the people. The husband and father of two is offering himself as a candidate to sway voters away from tribal politics and result-driven politics.

“To the young people, gather knowledge, read the manifestos and go out and vote not just for your race or what your parents tell you to do but for the betterment of the country. Most people are fed up of the two parties, the constituency I am from is UNC and everyone knows it is UNC but the MP is seen once every five years.”

He added that given the economic standing of many of the residents, there is little reliance on the Government for assistance which, as a result, negatively impacts on the less fortunate in the electoral district who need the government assistance.

He decided to enter politics after chatting with friends and family and sharing results to issues facing the country. Even though he was advised to take his ideas to either of the two major political parties, Doolan said his distrust in them forbids him from doing such.

Ramkissoon who admitted to assisting both the PNM and UNC on non cannabis issues shared the sentiment adding that there is nothing wrong with newness. As the fourth largest party with seven candidates, mostly in marginal seats, Ramkissoon said the self financed party had the financial ability to have14 candidates, however, the others dropped out fearing victimisation from the two largest parties.

Ramkissoon wrote to the President requesting that she postpone the general election to allow foreign observers time to come to the country and be quarantined but was denied the request. President Paula Mae Weekes said in her rejection, that only for an outbreak of a disease can she postpone an election.

NECANN moves marijuana convention online for what it says will be largest digital cannabis industry event in –

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the New England Cannabis Convention, or NECANN, to move its annual event online, the group says its planning what is the largest digital cannabis industry event in the world.

NECANN Online will run from Sept. 14 to 16, with more than 500 exhibitors and more than 50 programming sessions that cover topics like technology and innovation, growing and extraction, business and careers, hemp, CBD, medical marijuana, and social justice and equity.

Additionally, NECANN is rescheduling three fall conventions to new dates in 2021.

“As disappointed as we are to not be able to hold our in-person conventions, we are incredibly excited to be presenting our exhibitors and attendees with NECANN Online, the largest and most content-packed digital event ever in the cannabis and hemp space,” said Marc Shepard, the president of NECANN.

NECANN Online will feature live feeds from the 2020 New England Canna Community Awards Show and the NECANN Cannabis Competition Awards, according to a news release. Participants will receive a “virtual swag bag” and 2020 cannabis industry resource guide.

“NECANN Online will feature much more than the virtual booths and webinars most digital events are currently limited to. We will have virtual gift bags filled with exclusive deals, discounts, giveaways, and raffles; two live awards shows – the 2020 New England Cannabis Community Awards, and the NECANN Cannabis Cup Winners; exclusive products like The NECANN Cannabis Coloring Book, and a few surprise guest speakers,” Shepard said.

Anyone looking for more information about the event can go online.

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Newer Cannabis Markets Continue to Show Robust Growth in June – New Cannabis Ventures

A Detailed Look at Cannabis Sales in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts

We are pleased to share with our readers overviews on three Eastern cannabis markets compiled by BDSA for the month of April. BDSA offers a full understanding of the evolving cannabis market though several offerings, including its GreenEdge Retail Sales Tracking, Consumer Insights, Industry Intelligence and CBD Market Monitor divisions.

BDSA has been sharing data for Massachusetts only since October, so the comparisons to year ago levels aren’t available. Similarly, it began publishing medical data for Illinois, which launched adult-use in January, in July. Maryland, however, has data back to January 2019, which allows for year-over-year comparisons. Each of these relatively new limited-license markets are very different from the more mature Western cannabis markets, which BDSA has profiled at New Cannabis Ventures as well.

Here is a closer look at each market, as detailed by BDSA:


In June 2020, Cannabis sales in Illinois’s medical and adult use channels totaled $77.3 million, growing one percent since May. Year-to-date through June, sales have reached $410.2 million.

Flower sales accounted for nearly 34 percent of overall monthly revenue in June with $26.2 million in sales. Pre-rolled Joints, which are tracked as a separate category, accounted for more than five percent of revenues with $4 million in sales. Compared to the trailing month, Flower sales increased by 14 percent and Pre-rolled Joints grew by 52 percent.

The Concentrates category, which was the largest segment of the Illinois cannabis market, accounted for 40 percent of total June revenues with sales reaching $31.1 million for the month. Vape products, the largest segment of the Concentrates category, generated $25.2 million, accounting for 81 percent of the Illinois Concentrates market and 33 percent of sales across all categories.

The Ingestibles category includes both Edibles and Sublinguals while also distinguishing the two subcategories. The Ingestibles category made up 19 percent of overall sales in June with $14.8 million in monthly revenue. In June, the $14.6 million in Edibles sales accounted for nearly 99 percent of Ingestibles sales overall, while Sublinguals made up the remaining one percent. Compared to the trailing month, Edibles sales declined six percent and Sublingual sales declined by about 22 percent.


In June 2020, Cannabis sales in Maryland’s medical dispensaries reached $37.9 million, declining by two percent from May. Compared to the previous June, sales in Maryland grew by more than 83 percent. Year-to-date through June, sales reached $201.3 million, representing a $95.1 million increase from the same period last year.

Flower sales accounted for almost 52 percent of overall monthly revenue with $19.5 million in sales. Pre-rolled Joints, which are tracked as a separate category, accounted for seven percent of revenues with $2.6 million in sales. Compared to the previous June, sales of Flower grew by 89 percent and Pre-rolled Joints increased by 103 percent.

Concentrate sales accounted for 28 percent of overall June revenues totaling $10.6 million for the month, representing a one percent decline from May. Vape products, the largest segment of the Concentrates category, generated $7.4 million in sales, making up 70 percent of the Maryland Concentrates market and nearly 20 percent of sales across all categories. Compared to June 2019, sales of Dabbable Concentrates grew by 70 percent, while Vape sales grew by 60 percent.

The Ingestibles category contributed almost 12 percent of sales in June with $4.5 million in revenue. In June, sales from Edibles generated nearly 91 percent of Ingestibles sales overall, decreasing less than one percent from May. Sublinguals sales made up the remaining nine percent and grew by three percent from the trailing month. Compared to the previous June, Edibles sales grew by 168 percent and Sublingual sales increased by 20 percent.


In June 2020, Cannabis sales in Massachusetts’s adult use and medical channels reached a combined $74.3 million, growing by 116 percent from May. The rapid growth from the trailing month reflects the reality that adult-use dispensaries were only open for a partial month in May. Year-to-date through June, total market sales have exceeded $320.7 million.

Flower sales accounted for 49 percent of overall monthly revenue in June with $36.7 million in sales. Pre-rolled Joints, which are tracked as a separate category, accounted for nearly 11 percent of revenues with $7.8 million in sales. Compared to the trailing month, sales of Flower grew by 120 percent and Pre-rolled Joints increased by 127 percent.

Concentrate sales accounted for more than 23 percent of overall June revenues with sales totaling $17.3 million. Vape products, the largest segment of the Concentrates category, generated $12.5 million in sales. The category made up 73 percent of the Massachusetts Concentrates market and nearly 17 percent of sales across all categories.

The Ingestibles category includes both Edibles and Sublinguals while also distinguishing the two subcategories. The Ingestibles category made up 15 percent of overall sales in June with $11.5 million in monthly revenue. In June, the $9.8 million in Edibles sales generated about 85 percent of Ingestibles sales overall, while Sublinguals made up the remaining 15 percent. Compared to the trailing month, Edibles sales grew by nearly 109 percent and Sublingual sales increased by 97 percent.

For readers looking for a deeper look at cannabis markets across these three states and more, including segmentation by additional product categories, brand and item detail, longer history, and segmentation by product attributes, learn how the BDSA GreenEdge Platform can provide you with unlimited access to the most accurate and actionable data and analysis.

Published by NCV Newswire
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5 Reasons CBD Will Boost Your Productivity – 7×7

As many of us remain cooped up and working from home, we find ourselves with a new stress—balancing our everyday lives with the anxiety of work. It makes focusing tough and productivity a big challenge.

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your productivity, it’s worth checking out CBD. With its soothing and calming effect, CBD can help minimize stress so you can stay on task and get ahead of the game.

Here are five ways you can boost your productivity with CBD.

Stick to a routine. It’s true, business is anything but usual, but highly effective people tend to stick to a schedule to optimize their days. Since CBD helps with focus and sleep, it’s easier to keep a routine going when you feel refreshed, alert, and awake. Whether it’s taking the time in the early hours of the day to write, exercise, or eat a balanced breakfast, getting into healthy habits can add structure and prioritize what’s urgent and non-urgent.

Minimize multitasking. While working from home, the mind can wander. With distractions including pets, kids, and social media, staying focused on the task at hand can be a real challenge. Taking CBD daily can help you focus and ease the anxiety that often makes us lose clarity and see tasks as overwhelming. We love the 15-minute rule, a hack to give something your full attention for only 15 minutes. This will optimize the way you work and help you get things done more quickly. It’s also smart to break down your goals the way you might create a business plan—plot your yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly goals so you can better meet and manage your expectations.

Prioritize sleep. We know that working from home can interfere with the sleep cycle, but getting the right amount of restorative sleep will help you function and fire more efficiently. CBD is epic when it comes to falling asleep faster, thus shortening that tossing and turning and overthinking we’ve all been doing of late. Without adequate sleep, your mind and body get out of whack; sticking to a schedule can be difficult when you’re not getting enough rest.

Set time for self-care. The self-care moment can sometimes seem a little self-serving, but it’s hard to take care of all the people and situations that need our attention if we don’t first take care of ourselves. Work more mindfully by taking time outs for me time. Whether it’s a walk around the block, doing a face mask, or meditating midday, stay aware of the present moment so you know when it’s time to take a break. We love the idea of a more mindful approach to productivity, and since CBD is such a great stress reliever, taking self-care more seriously can help us from getting burned out.

Keep it moving. With so many options for WOFH while WFH, exercise is one of the best ways to keep your productivity high. By increasing your blood flow and getting your heart pumping, you can stay more alert and have more energy for everything that needs to be done. Since CBD helps with sleep and increases your energy levels, you’ll feel more inclined to get in that morning HIIT class or step away from your laptop to keep your body moving and functioning at its optimal levels. Incidentally, CBD is great for relieving sore and stiff muscles if you’ve been pushing your workouts, and also promotes a feeling of overall wellness.

New to CBD and not sure about dosing? FOCL has you covered. Their premium formulas are third-party lab tested to ensure they are safe, clean, and contain the most premium ingredients. When it comes to how much to take, it’s best to start small and see how your body does before dosing up. The CBD drops come in two doses and three delicious flavors—300mg for those new to CBD and 1,000mg for more experienced users. You’ll get more calming relief without feeling high or jittery.

// Shop CBD online at