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The magic of the inter-webs never ceases to amaze me.  I had a marvelous discussion with Josh from Ghost Vapes. He took time out of his day to connect via Skype (Thank you!), and to walk me through the operation of my Ghost Vapes MV-1. From the pitch that I received regarding this „Leica Camera” of the luxury cannabis vaporizer market. Why? Because it’s solid in the hand and quite ergonomically capable. It fits against the natural shape of my hand and if I only had a neck-strap, it would fit right in the middle of my chest, rather comfortably I might add! Looking more like a camera spotting scope or a pair of luxury binoculars, than a cannabis vaporizer. Stealthy!

Ghost Vapes, the developer of the MV1, is a luxury vaporizer used for dry herbs and concentrates. To give you a bit of background, the MV1 is a revolutionary vape built to medical device standards that launched in 2017 and comes in a variety of finishes. It features on-demand convection heating technology that can be used with cannabis, concentrates, and other dry flowers such as lavender, peppermint, and pink lotus.

Photo: Ghost Vapes

I knew I was not going to be smoking lavender, nor peppermint, and what is pink lotus exactly? What I was going to be smoking out of my Ghost Vapes MV1 was some of the finest medical cannabis that money can buy. And what would that be? I would be remiss if I told, but let it be crystal clear, the flavors of the cultivars have never been so vivid in my view. I can taste them, smell them. They stick to my lips without burning, the aroma is rich and true. I’m suddenly thirsty, not for water, but for knowledge. The Ghost Vapes MV1 unlocks the inner intellect. At least with the strain I was using. It’s quite strain sensitive, I can really taste the earth from the outdoor grown cannabis that is in the crucible. What is a crucible? That’s the little ceramic container within the Ghost Vapes MV1. It comes topped with a little stainless steel lid. It’s perfect for my fingers, but if I had larger ones it might be a bit more of a learning curve, but no matter to me since this hand-held machine is such a pleasure to use. Turning on the device is simple, moving through the temperatures even more simple. I recommend starting on a low temperature, then as you move through your sesh, raise the temperature one gentle notch at a time. You may also find that the airflow is increased by raising the mouthpiece to let in more or less air. Whatever way you choose to use the Ghost Vapes MV1, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the performance. As I said, I’ve tried almost all the high end vaporizers on the market save for a couple. I’ll get to those before long, if at all, because this vaporizer is just that good.

To give a bit of background for those who are late to my game. I review cannabis accoutrements reluctantly. Most of the mechanics on the market are skewed towards younger age groups with dabbing of concentrates, and their desired augmentation as a means to an end. I find that most of these machines are just too potent for me. I’m old-fashioned that way I suppose. At any rate, I’ve received hundreds of dollars of cannabis vaporizers over the past year, and very few of them have made it to the next round. The real world round. Where I use the devices daily. Out of the ten or so machines I’ve received, only a handful or less have continued to be a part of my routine. And of this handful, none are the type that are used for dabbing. It makes me physically ill! Not for me!

The Ghost Vapes MV1 is shockingly good to smoke through. It offers a cool smoke that is easy to hold in your lungs and the taste of the plant is preserved in a manner that I’ve never tasted prior. Smoking a joint is hot smoke. It can burn your lips and make the fine flowers taste acerbic and burnt. Maybe that’s the idea, but I really don’t think so. What the market needed was a vaporizer this good. What the market has right now are many hand-held machines that fail on many levels. I’m sure there are vapes that fit my lens, I just haven’t found them yet.

The Ghost Vapes MV1 may well be the best semi-portable, hand-held vaporizer in the world. A massive statement for me as someone who never assigns scores or grades to anything, from wine to bourbon. Nothing gets a score. But the Ghost Vapes MV1? Impressive. Really easy to use and oh, well made and the weight feels well balanced.  It’s comfortable to hold and mine is muted in color, so it doesn’t shout. Others in the line-up are flashier, so if that’s your path, they have a beautifully crafted vape just for you.

Photo: Ghost Vapes


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