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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Instead of taking over the counter drugs for aches and pains, many have turned to CBD products for their healing, giving what some say are the benefits of marijuana without the intoxicating effects.

CBD stores have popped up all over Colorado. Erin Christie the store manager for Discover CBD in Colorado Springs says the popularity of CBD products has grown exponentially over the years. 

Christie says there are some CBD products that do have trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. But most others claim to have no THC at all. 

When we asked Theron Chung a toxicologist with Pyxant Labs which performs drug testing reading, he says it can absolutely show up in a drug test. There have been cases with people taking CBD and not passing a drug screening because somehow, THC was found in their system.

Chung says, „Those trace amounts of THC will add up and those can trigger positive THC test results in a drug test.”

Chung compares it to foods that claim to be fat-free. He says even in those products there are still minuscule amounts of fat. „It will say this does not contain any THC but the company is allowed to have a certain amount of THC in there for it to be deemed THC free.”

Christie says she hasn’t seen that happen with her customers. „We have tons of military, CDL truck drivers, people who are drug tested have been using our products since we opened over four years now and none of them have reported any issues failing any drug test,” Christie says.

Still, Chung recommends if you do have a drug test coming up, it’s safer to stop using the CBD product until after the screening.

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