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At Scouted, as we’ve been covering CBD products more often recently these past few months, we’ve been wondering how to best share all the ways you can use it in everyday situations. Brands appeal to so many use-cases and we figured the best way to figure it out is by trying it ourselves. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been using CBD products at home in various ways to see what it had in store for me.

My favorite CBD product to-date has to be CBDistillery’s CBD Salve. I knew the idea was to apply it onto sore muscles to help promote a faster recovery, but I’m not great at post-workout recovery. I kept neglecting trying it out right up until I rolled my ankle on a run back from the gym a few mornings ago. Once I made it home, I got a teaspoon-worth of the salve on my finger and rubbed it into my ankle. There wasn’t any smell and soon the salve was fully absorbed into my skin. By the time I was done showering, the pain of the injury had nearly dissipated. I’m certainly not ready to say the salve alone made everything better, but my ankle did heal nicely within a day or so. If balm sounds like an alley you’d like to walk, check out similar products like the Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm and the new CBD balm sticks from Daughter of the Land — Scouted editor Jillian Lucas is a personal fan of the latter.

Aside from the balm, I’ve been trying out the brand’s CBD gummies, softgels, and tincture. I used all of them similarly. That is: after I’d finished a day’s work and before going to sleep. All of them certainly helped me relax and wind down. I never felt high or out of my head, always still fully capable and thinking clearly. I just felt more relaxed that I had before. It’s not a huge wonder the final effect of these CBD products was similar — they’re all made with CBD. Rather, I think the big difference to note among the various forms is the speed with which they trigger and the length of the effect. Below are my takeaways on each one and some other places to find similar products.

CBD Night Time Gummies, $60 at CBDistillery: These are, in my opinion, the most accessible since they’re delicious* and I’m immediately tempted to keep popping them. Two of them are enough for a night’s relaxation. For me, the effect kicked in around an hour after I ate them. Another great option is the CBD Gummies Jar from JustCBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Infused Softgels, $60 at CBDistillery: These are fairly small as far as softgels go, so they slide down easily. And of all the products, these were the quickest to use (pop!) and most packable. If I were to travel and wanted to bring CBD along, the softgels would be perfect since taking them is speedy and they look like any other pill for those of us socially shy of CBD-ing in public still. They kicked in between an hour or two after I took them and lasted all night, helping to keep me in a deep sleep throughout. The Extra Strength CBDCapsules from Charlotte’s Web are highly rated and another option to consider.

Pure CBD Oil (THC Free) Tincture, $55 at CBDistillery: The tincture is really meant to use in food or drinks but I applied it underneath my tongue, a totally fine way to use it but seemingly strange and I doubt I’d ever do so in public. The tincture, a liquid that makes it into your system quickly, had me relaxed in less than 20 minutes. It’s the fastest of the three and lasted as long as the softgels. I liked it for the absorption factor, keeping most of it out of my stomach and giving me the desired effects the fastest. Additionally, once I get into cooking with CBD, the tincture will be the best (and only) option. And again, the Extra Strength CBD Oil from Charlotte’s Web is also highly rated and another option for you.

*With respect to the gummy bear gods, I must advise these aren’t as perfect as Haribo Gold Bears but nothing is so that’s okay.


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