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Fort Atkinson Police Department tells retailers to stop selling CBD oil

Fort Atkinson Police Department tells retailers to stop selling CBD oil

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. – The Fort Atkinson Police Department is asking for all retailers to stop selling CBD oil, according to their Facebook post.

The post cited Wisconsin state law, stating, „the only legally authorized distributors of CBD (without THC) are licensed physicians or pharmacies.”

Federal law says CBD oil is legal to have, as long as it has below 0.3 percent THC. 

Most local shops in Fort Atkinson have stopped selling CBD oil after receiving notice from the police. Family Video is one store in Fort Atkinson that continues to sell these products, despite police telling them not to. 

„We are a responsible retailer. We are going to work with law enforcement or work with the mayor or whoever may have questions, but as of right now, we have no intention to stop selling, because we are within our legal rights to sell,” Family Video regional director of operations, Mike Kohne said. 

Kohne said his store depends on selling these products because of the business they bring and that the Fort Atkinson community could be losing between hundreds and thousands of dollars each week from the sales of CBD products.

Hundreds of people commented on the Police Department’s post criticizing the Police Department’s decision. Brian Seamonson, the owner of The Hemp House located in Deerfield, said Fort Atkinson residents have been traveling to his CBD store to buy products that they can no longer buy in their own town. 

„I’ve had six or eight people from Fort Atkinson who purchased CBD oil that day,” Seamonson said. „We are just a hop, skip and jump away from them. We are not stuck in Prohibition here in Deerfield, so we will certainly take care of them.”

Police say businesses could face up to a $200 fine for selling these products. 

The Police Department is declining to speak about the post. However, they posted an update to their original post in response to the various concerns they’ve received about the original post. 

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