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Life happens, and when it does, it’s usually pretty stressful. Whether you’re preparing to host your entire family for a few days over the summer, need to throw the perfect bachelorette bash or make sure you’ve got all your paperwork in order for a massive career change, sometimes it might not feel like enough to take a few deep breaths and take a walk. For those times, use this Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture as a supplement to help increase your sense of well-being and decrease the stress of having your mother-in-law randomly stopping by.

If you don’t know what CBD is, it’s a completely non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is known to reduce inflammation and alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments, including but not limited to sleeplessness, cancer, and chronic pain. This powerful tincture is made of a signature proprietary blend of the highest quality full spectrum CBD, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, which combined can help regulate your nervous system, boost your immune system and more.


This tincture contains absolutely no THC but can be a quick remedy to any anxiety you feel — plus, it contains coconut oil, which can give you a boost of quick energy and is made with organic stevia.

Usually, this Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture is $70, but you can get it here for $64.99.


Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture – $64.99

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