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CBD is in everything these days, even skin care. I previously dabbled in the hemp oil offering from Kiehl’s that I love. It helps tone down the redness and swelling of acne and makes my face feel overall moisturized. The Beboe Therapies serum and sheet mask were my first foray into true CBD skin care.

To start, the Beboe serum smells great. It’s earthy and herbally with a hint of citrus. It feels amazing going on my skin and, as promised, it gave my face a glow that felt like I had just spent a couple of hours in the sun. Most oils and serums leave my naturally oily skin looking greasy, so I leave them in the nighttime-only category of skin care products. This one, however, was the kind of slickness that made you look moisturized and sunkissed rather than sweaty. The golden hue gives your skin a delicate bronzed look, something I am definitely going for as I sit here planning my summer vacations.

The serum packs a punch of 300 mg of CBD. It’s 100% natural, without fragrances, parabens, silicone, preservatives, phthalate, gluten, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, or palm oil. The full-spectrum CBD oil is paired with “vegan plant actives” and promises to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines. The brand also has a 50 mg CBD Sheet Mask that has all the same properties as the serum but in a one-use mask form.

While wearing it, I could feel a little bit of a tingle across my skin. A tingle usually means things are taking an irritating turn, but this tingle was more like your arm waking up from being asleep rather than one that indicates an allergic reaction. And while it wasn’t a drastic change after the 25 minutes I left it on for, the next morning my skin felt nourished and brightened. This mask looks really cool, smells really nice, and just feels really good.

CBD as skincare is still something I will be exploring. Until then, when my skin needs a little bit of a glow, I’ll be dousing it in the Beboe CBD serum and wearing the sheet mask.


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