Retailers in Louisiana will have to apply to sell CBD products – WWL News, Talk, Sports Radio Station

Applications for retailers who want to sell CBD (Cannabidiol) products will be available on June 17.  

The permits can be obtained at Louisiana’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
Lawmakers passed a regulatory structure for the products that was signed by Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday.
Retailers will be required to get a permit through ATC and meet a long list of requirements to sell any products containing CBD.

The bill passed by the Louisiana legislature legalized the production of industrial hemp and ended any questions as to whether CBD products can be sold in the state.  

Both hemp and CBD are in the cannabis family, but they contain only traces of the THC chemical compound that causes a marijuana high.

Some believe that CBD, used in oils and lotions, may be beneficial to one’s health.  

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