Grocery store chain could bring CBD products to West Virginia as its availability becomes more widespread – WDTV

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) — Rebecca Roth owns Applehouse CBD of West Virginia in Harrison County with her sister. The Nutter Fort business opened in November with its grand opening held in April

It’s taking advantage of a growing industry – The sale of CBD products. The business sells a variety of CBD products, from natural oils, to gummies, to dog treats.

„I don’t feel that we would be getting these testimonies if it wasn’t helping people’s well-being.”

The market for the products is rapidly expanding throughout the country, and it could grow even more in North Central West Virginia.

Kroger reportedly plans to sell CBD products online and in nearly 1,000 stores soon in 17 states including West Virginia.

Roth says employees at her store spend good portions of their days educating their prospective customers about CBD.

„The biggest misconception we see is that people think it’s marijuana,” Becca said.

Pot comes from the marijuana plant containing THC that creates a high. CBD oil, however, comes from a Hemp plant. Growing hemp is legal in West Virginia and will soon be legal across the U.S.

Hemp can have trace amounts of THC, but experts say it’s not enough to get someone high.

CBD is marketed to treat everything from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and inflammation.

The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products yet and some researchers argue more studies are needed to determine its health benefits.

„I think the public should just again have healthy skepticism,” Dr. Margaret Haney, Neurobiology Professor at Columbia University Medical Center, told CBS News. „Don’t believe everything you hear or see about CBD”

But Roth says the testimonials speak for themselves.

„We have a multitude of repeat customers who come back and love the products that have noticed a huge difference in their health since they began taking those on a regular basis,” Roth said.

We reached out to Kroger representatives to find out where CBD products will be available in local stores. We’ll let you know if we hear back from them.

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