CBD oil products growing in popularity – WTAP-TV

BELMONT, W.Va. (WTAP) – Consumer Reports says more than a quarter of people in the U.S. say they’ve tried CBD.

Regina Murray runs Almost Heaven Bath and Beauty in Belmont, which sells an assortment of CBD oil products like CBD lotion.

“It’s good for sore muscles, joints it’s a regular lotion, though it’s really good for dry skin, it does help heal your skin as well so if you have a little abrasions or something like that it will help heal that,” Murray said.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. It’s not psychoactive, which means you won’t have any effects like euphoria. Murray says she was hesitant at first to use CBD products but she realized for her, they work.

“I use CBD oil to help me with anxiety I have ADHD adult ADHD and you can tell when I haven’t taken it because I’m really high strung and I don’t focus well I use it to just kind of get me through the day it helps me sleep at night it calms me down enough that I can actually shut my brain off enough to sleep at night,” Murray said.

Murray says the same goes for many of her customers.

“A lot of people come in very skeptical and say I don’t know if this will work for me and they’ll try it and next thing I know they’re back again to get more product,” she said.

Meanwhile health officials at WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center recommend speaking to your physician to see if those products are right for you.

“The FDA has approved CBD oil in a capsule for two very specific types of epilepsy that are fairly rare in childhood illnesses but other than that the FDA has not approved it for any other indication now there is some anecdotal evidence that it may be helpful with inflammation which may make it useful for a chronic pain syndrome opioid addiction potentially anxiety and PTSD but the human data is not there yet,” Dr. Gabriella Olson, the chair of the medical executive committee at the hospital, said.

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