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Vaporizers are basically ‘Electronic cigarettes’ or ‘Electronic nicotine delivery systems’ which are powered by batteries. These tools can be used to release the ingredients as well as therapeutic components of the plants or materials desired. However do not misunderstand the use of craft vaporizers limited only as an alternative to smoke. They can also be used for cold treatment. You will in fact be surprised to explore about the various uses of thee vaporizers.

Users of Crafty Vaporizers:

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

1) Aids in Treating Bronchitis:  Many people suffer from bronchitis and at times it can intensify and cause huge respiratory problems. Medicated products such as eucalyptus or menthols can be used inside craft vaporizers and this can be inhaled regularly. When someone is suffering from chronic bronchitis the use of this vaporizer can bring significant positive impacts.

2) Get Rid of Ear Infections: Although it might sound weird, but it is true that the crafty vaporizers can be used effectively to treat ear infections as well. Sometime the ear canal dries up too much and it can lead to ear infections. Vaporizers can be used to kill the germs which pass cold to the ear.

3) Aids in Ceasing Smoking Habits: Most of the time people who are making efforts in stopping their smoking habits miss the aroma. Out of craving for the aroma many times they fall back. Smokers who are ceasing the habit are usually recommended to chew candies or use menthols as an alternative. Crafty vaporizer can smartly be used here as well. Shoot the aroma with these vaporizers once or twice and save yourself from the craving effectively. In no time you will see that your habits are changing.

4) Use as refreshment: Such devices are portable, easy to use, comes in great designs etc which makes it fun to use. Vaporizers are gaining popularity fast these days. Many people have started switching over to such handheld devices to use a variety of things starting from tobacco to refreshment vapors. Vaporizers are cost effective in the long run and are less harmful than tobacco.

Specifications of Crafty Vaporizers:

1) Android and iOS app: Using Ios or Android application, differ features of the vaporizer like the LED brightness, temperature etc notifications can be controlled. The app also shows how many hours of operations are still left.

2) Dimensions: Crafty vaporizers come in a standard size of 4.3 inch x 2.2 inch x 1.3 inch and weights 116 grams. Therefore it becomes extremely easy to carry it in your jeans pocket or it can even be kept handy.

3) Battery life: This type of a vaporizer consists of a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and which lasts around 45 minutes when used continuously. The battery takes around two hours to full recharge and it is also possible to use it while the battery is still charging. This vaporizer also comes with a USB charging system which literally allows you to charge battery on the go or anywhere.

4) Ease of Use: These vaporizers are extremely easy to use and even a beginner without any prior knowledge of vaporizers can use it with ease. With every drag you get a wonderful taste and smooth hit no matter how immaturely you load it.  So even if you are using it for the first time you will be mesmerized.

5) Accessories: The vaporizer comes with a brush which allows you to clean the chamber easily.

6) Warranty: Crafty Vaporizer comes with a 2 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and problems with materials.

Vaporizers hence can have different uses. Experiment with them and explore yourself how you can use it in the best possible advantages.

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