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It seems like one thing we can all agree on in this crazy world is that we’re tired. All the time. Just so tired. There may be little we can do to control the unending barrage of exasperating nonsense that sucks our energy and eats up the finite hours we have upon this planet–but we at least deserve to get some rest. Except, even the restorative power of sleep can elude us, between unpredictable schedules, anxious minds, and the nightly cacophony of helicopters and sirens.

For this predicament, as for seemingly every other thing, cannabis companies think they have a solution. A wave of new cannabis sleep products and formulas designed to help you get a better night’s sleep have hit the market recently. Give your old Sleepytime tea a break and try one of these the next time you need to catch some Zs.

Local brand La Haute specializes in capsules and mints that mix CBD with microdoses of THC, so you’re getting some of the qualities that THC brings to a product, but not so much that most users will actually feel high (as long as you follow the recommended dosage, of course). Their sleep-encouraging Dream Capsules also add a dose of melatonin to the mix, and should have you drifting off about a half hour after popping one.

Available in lavender and cinnamon options, depending on your taste, the Select CBD Relax pen is designed to provide perfectly dosed puffs of calming cannabis whenever you need it. The innovative pens are totally airtight, and come in an attractive blue ceramic, perfect for your self-care selfie.

Imagine this: You take a nice warm bath, get out, and before heading to bed, you massage your skin with this hemp-derived-CBD body oil, which is also packed with aromatherapeutic essential oils of lavender, geranium, and clary sage. Already feeling more relaxed? Yeah, we thought so.

A discrete and portable solution, Kin Slips come as a tidy little box of breath strip-like slips that dissolve under the tongue. Their cannabis sleep formulation, Shut Eye, tastes like mint and chamomile, and contains five milligrams of CBD plus five milligrams of CBN, a somewhat less talked-about cannabinoid which has more mild traces of THC’s psychoactive effects.

Concerned about your slathering of CBD topicals wearing off, leaving you wide awake at 3 a.m.? The Good Patch offers one possible solution. Stick their Nite Nite patch on your skin before bed, and melatonin and 15 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD will be release into your body overnight.

Lavender essential oil is a time-honored sleep aid. Kana Skincare packs their rich overnight facial mask with the soothing fragrance–along with a hearty dose of CBD, which does double-duty improving your skin while it relaxes the mind.

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