JustCBD Has Any CBD Product You Can Imagine—And They’re Offering Daily Beast Readers 25 % Off – The Daily Beast

CBD keeps getting more and more popular, making it a great time to try out CBD products in different ways and find the best one for you. In case you’re unfamiliar: CBD is not marijuana. CBD is a naturally occurring compound and its oil — the basis for most of its products — is derived from hemp. Various products include CBD for different applications, from helping reduce inflammation to easing everyday tensions. If you’re wondering where to start, JustCBD has one of the most wide-ranging inventories on the market, from coconut oil that you can cook with to the ubiquitous gummy bears. And right now, JustCBD is offering Daily Beast readers an exclusive deal: Get 25% off any order above $20 and free shipping when you use code DB25 at checkout. That kind of sale on this kind of brand means lots of options, so you can scroll through the most popular ones or try one of these picks. Want something ready-to-go and edible? Consider their kiwi-flavored Dried Fruit or the ever-popular CBD Gummies, which come in ten different flavors like Watermelon Rings or Sour Bears. For something a bit more filling, try the Protein Bars, which also come in many flavors like Smores and Caramel Almond. On the more traditional CBD side, the sale also includes mainstays like liquid tinctures, CBD topical cream, and a topical roll-on. A great shower-ready CBD option is the brand’s soothing bath bomb, which you can get in scents like Open Fields and Deep Spices. Whatever your CBD needs are or however you want to give it a shot, this JustCBD sale is your perfect opportunity to stock up for a fun and relaxing summer ahead. Remember to enter DB25 at checkout for free shipping and 25% off order $20 or more.


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