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CBD has been making the headlines recently, and there has been a lot of news about how effective it can be for the relief of chronic pain. But how effective is it when you use CBD to treat arthritis pain?

Can CBD help you treat Arthritis pain


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the natural constituents of cannabis. It was discovered in 1940 as one of the cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Despite this, it’s used as a natural remedy against any ailment. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found in cannabis too, and it’s the primary psychoactive compound in it. It is responsible for the sensation of getting high that is mostly caused by marijuana. However, CBD is not psychoactive like THC, which is known for mind-altering due to the chemical substances it produces when smoked as marijuana or cooked as food.

Cannabidiol can be absorbed by the body in various ways, such as by inhaling cannabis vapor or smoke, sprayed into the cheek as an aerosol, and when it’s in the form of an oil, it has CBD as its only active ingredient. This is what makes CBD an excellent option for anyone seeking relief from rheumatoid arthritis. It works without altering the mind, unlike marijuana and other chemical substances. CBD is gotten from cannabis plants through extraction. It is further diluted with an oil such as coconut oil making it cannabidiol CBD oil.


How Cannabis Oil Works

To produce the needed effects, all Cannabidiols including CBD oil attach themselves to some receptors in the human body. Aside from this, the human body also produces its own. There are two types: namely CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are located all over the body, but the brain has a lot of them.

The CB1 receptors found in the brain are responsible for pain, emotion, coordination, mood, movement, memories, thinking, appetite, and so on. When the THC gets to the human body, it attaches itself to these receptors before working and causing a mind-altering effect on the individual. CB2 is mostly found in the immune system. They are known to affect pain and inflammation. Before now, it’s commonly believed that CBD acts on the CB2 receptors. But now, based on all the evidence, happenings, case studies, and research; it now appears that CBD does not directly act on any receptor. Instead, it exerts an influence on the body so it could use more of its cannabinoids.


Benefits of CBD Oil


It helps to reduce anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety are two common mental disorders that could result in life-threatening problems for the carrier. The worst part of it is that most times, the individuals affected are unaware of the fact that they have such a mental condition. Before now, depression and anxiety were treated with pharmaceutical drugs, which resulted in various side effects. But CBD oil has been known to use a natural approach in the treatment of this ailment. It does this by impacting the receptors of the brain for serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that controls a person’s mood and social behavior.

It can eradicate symptoms caused by cancer

This is one of the unique CBD benefits as studies have shown that CBD can help to alleviate symptoms and side effects caused by cancer. Although there are certain drugs used in treating this ailment. But, their inefficiency led patients to begin to find alternatives in natural medicine. CBD has been claimed to have some cancer-fighting properties, but the efficacy of this claim is still uncertain, the most popular delivery method for this is the tasty CBD Gummies and CBD chocolates.

It helps the heart to function well

One of the major CBD benefits on the cardiovascular system is its impact on the heart. CBD has some specific chemical properties that can lower high blood pressure in the human body. Hence, it’s considered as an effective treatment of HBP. It has some anxiety and stress reducing properties that work in this regard. CBD can protect your heart in several ways, which also include the prevention of heart disease and HBP according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



How CBD Oil Alleviates Arthritis Pain

Research has confirmed that CBD oil can relieve all types of arthritis pain and other chronic pain. Many patients, especially the elderly, had confessed the dramatic transformation on their body and the alleviation arthritis pain when they used CBD to treat arthritis pain.

However, if you are above the age of 60 years, you might be worried and ask “Is CBD safe for an elder?” Your rheumatologist or care provider will help you alleviate your fears by taking your health condition into account before recommending CBD to treat arthritis pain and inflammation.

Most patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis are mostly concerned about the effect of CBD on their entire body in the long term and they mostly ask, “is CBD safe for me?” if you are worried over the long term effect of CBD oil on your health, you may ask your healthcare provider or rheumatologist who will give you all the guidance you need.

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Other chronic pains CBD oil treats

CBD has recently become famous in the health world. Since CBD affects the brain’s response to pain signals; hence, it is not just enough to use CBD to treat arthritis, it is effective for the treatment of other severe pain too. Some research and scientific studies have confirmed that it can be used to treat other ailments such as chest pain, muscle tension, sclerosis, cancer and back pain — little wonder why the demand for it in pharmacies and health stores has risen tremendously globally.


Proper CBD Dosing

When you use CBD to treat arthritis pain, it can interact with certain prescription drugs and inhibit their performance, especially those broken down by the liver. Aside from this, CBD can lead to drowsiness. Hence proper dozing is essential to ensure mental alertness.

If you are considering taking one of the CBD products pill form, your body might not fully absorb its nutrients as much will be destroyed by the liver. The best way to consume CBD oil topical either as part of a cream or lotion which is applied on the affected part. Either way, on your first application, apply as little as possible and watch its effect for a while before increasing or decreasing the dose depending on the results observed.

Consult with your care provider to confirm that CBD is the best treatment method for your condition.


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