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You might be surprised by the variety of ways you’ll be able get high when marijuana is fully legalized next year.

Pot-infused K-Cups, ramen noodles with THC, rainbow-colored vaporizers and pain-relieving lotions are among the not-so-ordinary pot products available for those who don’t want to light up to get stoned.

Here are some of the offerings that are currently sold at medical clinics in Illinois and will likely be available to the general public come Jan. 1:


Modern Cannabis in Logan Square is selling packages of cannabis-infused Ramen noodles for $20 a gram. Modern Cannabis

Medical cannabis patients can already buy a variety of pot-laced treats, like chocolates, cookies, gummies, caramels, granola bars and more.

But shoppers can also find a range of more obscure weed-infused products at Modern Cannabis in Logan Square, including $25 packages of Takai beef-flavored Ramen noodles and $20 10-packs of Nature’s Grace and Wellness honey, both of which contain a gram of THC, the chemical compound that gets users high.

Experts say pricing of all recreational pot products will likely be similar to what medical users pay now, if not somewhat higher.


THC-infused K-Cups can be found at Modern Cannabis for $25. Modern Cannabis

Looking to sip and get stoned with your morning java? You might gravitate toward Canna Cafe’s THC-infused coffees, which are packaged in popular K-Cup-style pods and are currently available at Modern Cannabis for $25 for a tenth of a gram. You can also purchase PTS-brand tonics for between $30 and $35 at MedMar in Lake View, as well as for $25 at Dispensary 33 in Uptown.

“We tend to find a little bit of a faster onset and a really predictable metabolic response, as opposed to something like a chocolate which is a complex food in and of itself, so it creates some complications as far as predicting effects go,” Richard Park, Dispensary 33’s operational consultant, said of the drinkable options. The tonics come in both a THC-only variety and another that also contains CBD, the trendy nonpsychoactive chemical compound that doesn’t get users high but is being used to treat pain, anxiety and various diseases.

Vape pens and cartridges

River North-based GTI’s Rythm brand recently introduced rainbow-colored cannabis vape pens to commemorate Pride Month. GTI

Vape pens and cartridges, en vogue with cannabis users looking for a discrete and potent option, range in size and price and can also include both THC and CBD.

Modern Cannabis now offers $30 rainbow-colored vape pens that were recently rolled out by River North-based GTI’s Rythm brand to commemorate Pride Month. The company that developed the wildly popular Juul vape for nicotine products also makes a vapor pen that uses pods containing a half gram of THC. They are being sold at Modern Cannabis for $60 and at MedMar for $70.

Creams, lotions and topicals

Cresco-Labs’ Remedi-brand pain relief cream is available at Modern Cannabis for $25 a gram of THC. Modern Cannabis

Illinois pot shops are now carrying a variety of self-care products, including creams, lotions, and bath salts that contain THC, CBD or a combination of both. That includes Cresco Labs’ Remedi-brand pain relief cream and Verano Holdings’ Avexia Epsom salts, which are both available at Modern Cannabis for $25 and $30 a gram of THC, respectively.

Maria Johnson — director of sales for Verano, a multistate cannabis firm headquartered on the Near North Side — said the combination of Avexia’s Epsom salts and THC-infused pain relief balm creates “the ultimate healthcare experience.”

Tinctures and pills

GTI’s Rythm brand tinctures are being sold for $50 a gram at Modern Cannabis. Modern Cannabis

Medical dispensaries are also stocking up on THC- and CBD-laden pills, sprays and tinctures, which have typically been made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol and are ingested orally. Tinctures, which manufacturers say can give you energy or help you sleep, can be mixed with vegetable oils — including from avocados — to speed absorption in the body.

At Modern Cannabis, patients can find three different Rythm tincture varieties priced at $50 per gram, as well as a Remedi oral spray for $30 a gram. Meanwhile, pills and capsules made by Avexia, Cresco and PTS will run patients between $25 and $30 for a gram.

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