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Dogs are often very susceptible to being stressed and filled with anxiety. Some dogs are removed from their mother at too young of an age and one of the things that can manifest as they grow older is separation anxiety from their owners.

If you’ve got one of those dogs, you know how awful it can be to not be able to leave your dog alone without hearing him howling when you pull in and out of your driveway every day. If you live in an apartment building, this can get you in hot water with management. Some people are threatened with eviction.

Dogs with severe anxiety can be extremely destructive. A tale of a black lab who pulled-up all the carpet in the home while the owner was gone only half an hour comes to mind. Sofa cushions get ripped, curtains and blinds get torn down and not only is this an awful situation to live with as a human, it is also completely unsafe for your dog.

If the dog ingests these things it is ripping apart, you may also be faced with surgical bowel removal which could cost a couple of thousand dollars. The bowels are removed from the body cavity, the bowel that is no longer viable is removed, along with dead tissue. Then the healthy ends are connected back to each other and you hope for the best.

These are horror stories and not all dogs get this stressed. Sometimes the anxiety is due to things like fireworks that you only deal with a few times per year. Some dogs don’t travel well and need a little help at that time. CBD oil is a fantastic remedy. Let’s explore why CBD is great for your pet’s anxiety woes.

Why Use CBD Oil?

One of the biggest reasons to use CBD oil for anxiety is that it is non-addictive. You can stop using it anytime you like. This means that CBD can be used on just those occasions when it is necessary – 4th of July comes to mind.

CBD is totally safe. According to research done in 2012 and in 2018, it was concluded that CBD oil was safe for dogs and would cause no severe side effects. During the study, not a single dog had any negative reactions to the CBD they were given.

CBD will not make your dog get high. That only happens with THC. It should be noted here that CBD made for pets is the only CBD that should be used. Use a reputable retailer with quality ingredients and pure CBD that is guaranteed to be free of pesticides and heavy metals or toxins. Innovet Pet has just what you’ll be looking for and they have a great reputation for only selling quality products.

CBD begins to work within minutes, so when your pet starts showing signs of anxiety, you can administer CBD with a hemp treat or with oil on the spot. Medications for anxiety that are prescribed take up to five weeks to begin working and that isn’t any help at all when you have a dog that is only anxious during particular times.

CBD is also beneficial for other reasons so you’ll feel like you are giving your dog a supplement rather than a prescription drug that doesn’t work for several weeks anyway.

In test after test, no dog has had adverse side effects that became permanent. Some animals can have a bit of diarrhea. This will stop if you stop the doses. When the body returns to normal, you may resume doses at a lower amount and gradually progress to a higher dose as necessary.

Use Only Products Made for Animals

Dogs cannot have THC. Cannabis products, including CBD oil, made for humans will often have as much as 03% THC in them. While this is a trace of THC, it can be enough over time to accumulate in the dog’s brain and cause severe issues and damage. THC Toxicity can kill dogs, while CBD is harmless to them. Always be sure you are using a product made for pets that contains 0% THC.

Animals do not need as high of a milligram dose as humans, so their doses will be much smaller in comparison. A bottle of CBD for a dog will likely be only 125 to 200 mg. CBD for a human will be as much as 5000 mg per bottle, depending on the use.

It is far better to be safe than sorry so choose your products from a company like InnovetPet for safety and to make sure you are getting a product that was sourced from tested hemp, free of heavy metals and toxins. Many products that are imported, especially from China, are not regulated and have been randomly tested and found to be positive for lead and other toxins.

Are CBD Products Legal?

In late December of 2018, the president of the United States signed into law and Farm Bill of 2018 which made the possession and growth of hemp and hemp products to be legal. CBD is sourced from hemp, not marijuana.

Therefore it is legal in all fifty states since December of 2018. The CBD industry exploded onto the scene, having been ready to move forward with products that had been researched and tested for many years.

You can purchase products for dogs, cats, horses, goats and more. Rabbits can have CBD if they need it or the owner feels supplementation is a good idea. CBD will do nothing but good to expand the life of any animal or human by enhancing moods, bringing relaxation and providing many health benefits.

The antioxidants in CBD can boost the immune system and help animals and humans alike stay as young as possible for many years.

With no serious side effects, there’s no reason not to give CBD a chance to help your dog with is anxiety. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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