THC and Young Brains; Strobe Lights and Seizures; Tau Tangle Vaccine – MedPage Today

Regular THC exposure can damage young brains and states legalizing marijuana should set a minimum age of at least 25, two physicians argued in the New York Times.

Are neurologists prepared to treat sexual and gender minorities? (Neurology)

Strobe light effects at music festivals probably more than tripled the risk of epileptic seizures. (BMJ Open)

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals sued the FDA to challenge approval of Jacobus Pharmaceutical’s amifampridine (Ruzurgi) for pediatric Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS), claiming it violates the exclusivity promised to Catalyst for its amifampridine phosphate (Firdapse) in adult patients. (Reuters)

A moral emotions test diagnosed frontotemporal dementia and distinguished it from Alzheimer’s disease. (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease)

Parkinson’s disease costs the U.S. $52 billion every year, nearly double previous estimates, according to a study commissioned by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and others.

A vaccine with virus-like particles reduced neurofibrillary tangles in mice with aggressive tauopathy. (NPJ Vaccines)

Neurofilament light in cerebrospinal fluid was a reliable biomarker of neuroaxonal damage, but age-, sex-, and disease-specific reference values are needed. (JAMA Neurology)

Zebra Medical Vision’s alert that identifies suspected brain bleeds on head CT won FDA clearance. (Reuters)

What influences doctors to withdraw life support in critically ill patients with severe brain injury? (CMAJ)

Simple but unsolvable puzzles mimic what it’s like to have dementia, giving outsiders an inside look. (Today)

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