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DENVER, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Green Rush is in full swing now. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the most famous cannabinoid in the world right now. Now that CBD is legal in the entire United States, it is soaring in popularity. The CBD industry is expected to keep growing for years to come and it’s growing much faster than expected. This is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is expanding every day. More and more people are discovering that CBD is a great product; most recently, athletes!

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its banned list. Since then, a number of athletes have begun using CBD. It is known to be anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which can help relieve pain from acute athletic injury or muscle soreness from training. The antioxidant properties of CBD can help relieve oxidative stress in damaged muscles; this can speed up recovery times. On top of that, mental state is a huge part of an athlete’s success. CBD oil has been shown to improve mood, improve sleep, and relieve anxiety. The amazing benefits have athlete’s itching to try it out for themselves but a very saturated market can make it hard to find the best products. BestCBDOils, a CBD resource site, recently published an article that ranks the Top 10 Best CBD Oils for Athletes. You can read it here:

Oils, such as those you administer sublingually, are not featured, though. Instead, this article includes cutting-edge CBD products like protein powder, and bath salts. The top product on the list is WillPower’s ReGen CBD Protein Powder. The company was founded by a former professional athlete and the product is amazing. The whey protein powder comes only from grass-fed dairy cows, the CBD used comes from organic industrial hemp, and other ingredients include BCAAs and phytocannabinoids. This product is very clean and expertly designed to help athletes build muscle and recover more quickly.

Other products include Vertly’s CBD Bath Salts, a perfect alternative to a freezing ice bath to soothe muscles and help them bounce back after long runs or a hard day in the gym. Topical pain relief, coffee, and a hydrating drink mix all made the cut. There are gummies formulated for brain health to keep an athlete’s mind sharp and there are even CBD products that were created by a former professional baseball player on the list. Kris Vigue suffered an injury that ended his career and he turned to the health benefits of CBD to improve his quality of life. Now, he formulates products that help boost physical and mental health specifically for athletes like himself.

All of these featured products would be a great addition to any training regimen, or even just a personal fitness and health routine. Regardless of what your goals are, this thorough article walks you through some great options and why you may want to choose each particular product. For more information, you can read the article. Alternatively, you can check out the full list of brands that made the cut below, presented in ascending order.

1. Willpower (Denver, CO)

2. CBDmd (Charlotte, NC)

3. Plant People (New York City, New York)

4. Athlete’s Best (Longwood, FL)

5. Vertly (Sausalito, CA)

6. Oleo (Seattle, WA)

7. CBDfx (Chatsworth, CA)

8. Fab CBD (Milwaukee WI)

9. Pure Hemp Botanicals (Brighton, CO)

10. Green Roads (Pembroke Pines, FL)

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