Colorado bans indoor vaping in public spaces – Summit Daily News

Colorado is set to ban vaping in indoor public spaces next month.
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FRISCO — The use of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes no longer will be allowed indoors at most public places beginning July 1.

The state recently passed a new bill into law to add vaping to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, which already prohibited smoking in most indoor public spaces. The new law also increases the distance individuals are able to smoke or vape in front of public entrances from 15 to 25 feet.

The move is meant to help protect customers and service industry employees at restaurants and bars from carcinogens and nicotine as well as prevent individuals from having to inhale secondhand smoke or vapor when entering a public space.

The change also is a reaction to statewide concerns about high school students vaping, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Colorado high school students vape at about twice the national average though the department said strong smoke-free policies can reduce the likelihood of young people smoking.

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