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When John Ross Ferrell (aka Johnny Stallion) added CBD-infused cold brew and bottled espresso shots to his line of PhiloÇoffia (pronounced “fill-le-sof-ee-ah”) coffees last fall, the product was a hit, and Ferrell realized there was a market for CBD-infused products that could complement food and beverages. He’s since added WildFire Cannabis Extract and Bitters, CannaMyst CBD oil that can be sprayed on food and Mother’s Little Helper CBD-infused chocolate chips.

To give his CBD (cannabidiol) food products their own identity, Ferrell sells them under Joint Cannabis Brands, an overarching parent company of PhiloÇoffia that he hopes will become the preeminent source for food service creativity with cannabis. Ferrell was inspired to create WildFire because he had difficulty finding quality cannabis bitters. “WildFire is extracted from hemp with terpenes added to it, which are the flavonoids isolated from different strains. That helps add citrusy and energetic notes, so the flavor profile can be tailored,” he explains. Crushed cannabis is added for flavor and to enhance visual appeal to drinks.

In addition to cocktails, Ferrell says WildFire complements the citrus notes of IPAs, or it can be added to dry white wine, like a sauvignon blanc, to add additional flavor. The flavor can be lighter or stronger, depending on how much is added. “We make it strong, 135-proof hemp extract. Because it’s just an extract, there’s no activated CBD or THC in it, so it doesn’t run afoul of any laws; CBD can be in the gray area in some municipalities. WildFire is just basically hemp for flavor and aroma.”

CannaMyst is a mix of CBD oil and cannabis buds, with 260 mgs. of CBD per one-ounce bottle. “In addition to offering something more visual in a cocktail, I thought about putting CBD on food. A dropper is not a very effective way to spread CBD onto food, so I found some high-quality oil sprayers and chose one to etch our logo onto. You can put the cannabis infused CannaMyst into the mister and spray it evenly onto a salad or any other foods.”

Mother’s Little Helper (which is also a nod to the Rolling Stones’ 1966 hit of the same name) are CBD-infused, fair-trade, dark chocolate chips that people can use to make whatever they like—or eat them by the handful. Ferrell says there’s about 1/2 mg. of CBD per chip, which helps with dosing. Although there are other edibles like CBD chocolate bars or pre-made chocolate chip cookies, the chips allow people to have fun and be creative with their own recipes. Mother’s Little Helper chips are set to hit the shelves at Outpost Natural Foods at the end of June and will retail at $9.99 for a four-ounce package.

Ferrell’s business is rooted in coffee, so he continues to add coffee products like Java Nirvana, an instant CBD coffee with chocolate, cinnamon and coconut oil that comes packaged in a biodegradable bag. He says it’s ideal for campers who still want good-tasting coffee. Ferrell has deals in the works with local restaurants such as BelAir Cantina to craft a margarita with WildFire. He believes the market for CBD will remain strong even after marijuana eventually becomes legal for either medicinal or recreational use in Wisconsin.

“I think CBD will be a larger market because you can use it during the day, and it doesn’t impede your ability do daily activities,” he says. “It allows for reduction in anxiety and better sleep at night. There are far more opportunities to use it.”

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