PD: Man arrested for selling narcotic cannabis in Vape pens – ABC15 Arizona

PHOENIX — A north Phoenix man was arrested for selling narcotic cannabis in Vape pens on Instagram.

Phoenix police report that on June 20, they arrested 23-year-old Steven Scott Whinery at his home near 44th Street and Thunderbird Road.

Court records show that Whinery was the target of a multi-month investigation into a man using an Instagram account „Camelback Cannabis” to sell „large quantities of marijuana and narcotic cannabis in Vape pens and cannabis concentrates.”

When police raided his home, they allegedly found nine narcotic Vape pen cartridges in a backpack. They also reportedly found six pounds of marijuana worth about $9,000, 100 narcotic cannabis Vape pen cartridges worth $1,400 and $3,000 in cash.

Whinery admitted to using marijuana and cannabis but not selling it, police say.

Whinery has been charged with possession of narcotic drugs for sale.

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