Issues & Ideas: Cannabis odor, berries and Harmony glass – KCBX

On this week’s Issues and Ideas, there has been a lot of discussion about cannabis grows on the Central Coast, especially when it comes to the plants’ odor. In a conversation produced by KCRW’s „The 805: Stories from the Central Coast” podcast, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams dives into the issue and allegations he has been too chummy with cannabis lobbyists.

Also, local authors Andrea Herron and Lisa Rizzo talk about about their new book on successful breast feeding. Titled „Suckle, Sleep, and Thrive,” the book aims to help new parents understand their baby’s needs via behavioral cues.

Also on the show, we get to know Central Coast glassmaker Eric Dandurand. After traveling the world to study glassmaking, Dandurand settled in Harmony, California, where he opened a studio in an old barn. When he’s not creating stunning vases and sea creatures, he’s teaching the craft to aspiring artists and the public.

And in the last segment, it’s berry season! Time to put on the elbow-length leather gloves and wade into the brambles, right? Not quite. It’s now much easier to pick berries and it’s family-friendly. Father Ian Delinger goes blueberry hunting, then gets creative in the kitchen.

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