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Stateside for Friday, June 28, 2019

Today on Stateside, we’re featuring an episode from our friends at the Mismatch podcast, as well as a few of our favorite segments from the past year.

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below.

Mismatch: A former tech addict quits her iPhone and discovers there’s a digital attention crisis

Stateside features an episode of Mismatch

  • Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to our phones—but we don’t have to be. Stateside features a segment from the podcast Mismatch about a woman who quits her phone and social media cold turkey.

Artisans of Michigan: Stainless steel and high-end metalwork

  • It’s easy to think of metalwork as purely utilitarian. But at the Fidler Furniture company, function is combined with beauty. Stateside host Lester Graham talks to Steven Mark Fidler about how he creates sleek but highly functional metalwork from scratch.

Why Lake Superior State thinks cannabis-related degrees are a good bet

  • Since Michigan voters passed Proposal 1, legalizing recreational marijuana use in the state, a massive cannabis industry has begun to take root. Some Michigan universities are trying to keep pace with this change by adding cannabis-related courses and programs. One of these schools is Lake Superior State University, which recently added degree programs in cannabis chemistry and business.
  • Rodney Hanley, the school’s president, discusses the need and potential for these new programs, what they’ll teach students, and how Michigan could become a national leader in the marijuana industry.

Musicians transform sounds of state parks into ambient music album

  • Michigan’s “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign is putting out an album. „Pure Sounds of Michigan” combines recordings of natural sound at 10 of Michigan’s state parks with music composed and performed by different artists. We talk to two of the people behind the project about what they hope listeners take away from it. Dave Lorenz is the vice president of Travel Michigan, and Eddie Logix is one of the musicians featured on the album. 

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