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A review of ThC-infused water soluble drinks available from SōRSE Technology.

For those looking for an all natural high, check out products coming from SōRSE Technology. They use a water-soluble emulsion technology that infuses products with CBD, THC, and terpenes. This process ensures that cannabis is distributed evenly throughout the drink with no oily residue. The end product is ideal for those looking for adult drinks made with natural ingredients that contain no cannabis smell or taste.

Following are some products powered by this technology.


1. Reeb:

Reeb, the first THC infused non-alcoholic brew in Washington State, has the consistency of a Pacific Northwest craft beer with a taste reminiscent of a craft barley soda. Choose from amber or dark malts, prominent or mild hops depending on one’s preferences. These beers are available in 12 oz in bottles with a THC content that ranges from 5 mg to 100 mg.

2. Happy Apple:

For those who like the taste of a semi-sweet Pacific Northwest cider, their Happy Apple beverage has a fresh crisp taste more akin to a cider than sugary apple juice. This product made from 100% Washington State apples comes in a 12 oz bottle and a range of THC content from 10 mg to 100 mg.

3. Utopia:

Utopia’s sparkling waters (12 oz bottles) available in grapefruit, cherry, and lime flavors are ideal for those who enjoy a light refreshing sparkle to their cannabis infused drinks. Choose the ThC strength (10 mg to 100 mg) that works best for one’s preferred light summery high.

4. Vertus:

Those looking to celebrate in champagne style with cannabis can pop open a bottle of Vertus. This alcohol-free, champagne style beverage has an effervescence feel and a slightly dry, slightly sweet taste. The 750 ml (25.36 oz) bottles are infused with 50 mg or 100 mg of THC.

5. Pearl2O:

Finally, for those who like to great creative with cannabis, Pearl2O is cannabis infused food and beverage mixer that can infuse any product ranging from cocktails and ice cubes to dip and popsicles. Their 15.39 oz (455ml) bottle comes in two sizes — (5 servings| 50 mg THC|50 mg CBD, and 10 servings| 100 mg THC|100 mg CBD. For infusing products on the go, the PEARL2O MINI contains the same liquid in a convenient single serving with 10 mg THC per vial.

While these products are currently only available in Washington State, this product line points to the latest developments in cannabis infused drinks hitting this exploding market. 

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