30 vials of THC vape cartridges seized – Guam Pacific Daily News

A suspicious package sent to Guam in June was seized and 30 vials of THC vape cartridges were confiscated, according to recent federal court filings.

The package arrived at Barrigada’s U.S. Postal Service facility on June 3, a search warrant application filed in the District Court of Guam on Wednesday states. A Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency Drug Detection dog named „Cappy” alerted other agents about narcotics in the package, the application states.

The search warrant was executed on June 3 and about 30 vials of THC vape cartridges were seized, the warrant states.

The package was sent from Long Beach, California, to a Yigo address. It weighed six pounds, the search warrant states. 

Adults in Guam can grow and smoke marijuana legally. But the attorney general has said that mailing marijuana is prohibited.

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