JAY-Z Enters the Cannabis Industry as Chief Brand Strategist For Caliva – The Source

The billions just keep on ringing in for Hov! JAY-Z, a Renaissance Man of many hats, is now getting into the business of bud by signing on as the Chief Brand Strategist of cannabis consumer product company Caliva.

The California-based organization was founded in 2015 and boasts the top-selling indoor flower brands Fun Uncle, Bad Apple, Deli and its namesake strand Caliva. For Mr. Carter’s part, the rapper will work alongside the brand to fight social justice issues relating to the legalization of marijuana. Hov also sees major potential in the product, stating in a quote on the company’s website, “Caliva’s expertise and ethos makes them the best partner for this endeavor. We want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way.”

Here’s an official description of what his role will entail, via Caliva:

“In this position, Mr. Carter will focus on and work to increase the economic participation of citizens returning from incarceration – many of who are not seeing the monetary benefits of legalization – through advocacy, job training, and overall employee and workforce development.”

Being that Caliva currently only delivers to customers located in California, we can see how including someone like, you know, the biggest rapper in the game for the better part of two decades now could be beneficial to overall brand notoriety. We might even see the celebrated MC get his own strand named after him, too. “Hova Hash” or “Carter Kush” sounds pretty good right about now!

Read up more on JAY-Z’s new venture with Caliva on the brand’s website. Enjoy responsibly!

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