CBD oil grabs attention at Boilermaker Health Expo – WKTV

UTICA – Prevention is a common theme at most health-related fairs and expos. One retailer is now catering to that market, and they have their wares available at this year’s Boilermaker Health and Wellness Expo.

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is an extract from the cannabis plant, and is said to have many medical uses. It is a bit of a departure from what you’d normally find on local store shelves. The CEO of Gnome Serum, Greg Kerber, was at the expo on Friday to answer questions people might have.

Kerber says there was a lot of interest in CBD oil at the expo. What he tries to convey to people about CBD oil is that they shouldn’t come looking for it when they’re sick; they should use it preventatively.

“Really what this is, is a supplement that should be taken every day to prevent sickness rather than wait ‘til after you’re sick,” said Kerber.

Gnome Serum is ingested under the tongue, but CBD also appears in other forms, such as capsules or liquids.

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