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When it comes to choosing between a high-THC or a high-CBD cannabis product, it really comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

For some, CBD is the preferred cannabinoid; it doesn’t get you high, and it offers certain medicinal benefits like relief of anxiety and inflammation. Others prefer THC, which comes with its own unique therapeutic and mood-boosting properties. For some of us, the reason we choose THC products is simple: they get you high.

Even if your main goal with cannabis is to get high, that doesn’t mean CBD has no place in your routine. There are ways for you to toss it into your body and supplement—even enhance—your high. Ya know, like tossing dried cranberries on a salad that would’ve already been good regardless.

Using CBD to Tame or Enhance THC

THC can leave some people feeling anxiety, short-term memory impairment, or simply too high. While CBD can’t cancel out the effects of THC, it can help mitigate them and leave you feeling a little more balanced.


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Example: You’ve gotten too high on Orange Cookies, and now you need something to even it out, else you’ll be in Stuck Mode for hours. That’s a great time to use a CBD tincture, take a CBD edible, or hit a lil’ CBD vape pen and puff-puff yourself back down to earth a bit.

But just know that CBD’s ability to round out an intense high is all about dosage; low doses of CBD may enhance your high while larger doses have been shown to curb THC’s intensity. Speaking of CBD vape pens…

CBD Vape Pens Are Your Friend

Though CBD on its own won’t get you high, a CBD-dominant vape cartridge once showed me that CBD can deliver a super relaxed feeling that almost feels like a high.

For this reason, THC enthusiasts would be doing themselves no disservice by purchasing a CBD vape pen (or even some CBD dabs) the next time they’re hitting the canna-store. It’s a great tool for keeping you afloat in between THC sessions.


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Personally, I vape my CBD cartridge (at a very high dosage) in between THC joints to keep me high and happy until it was time to roll up my next blunt. Think of it like snacking on Pringles until you can finally eat a whole pizza.

Smoke CBD-Dominant Cannabis Flower

CBD-dominant cannabis strains contain a spectrum of compounds, even if they only occur in trace amounts. In other words, they not only contain CBD, but also lower levels of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

So if you smoke or vaporize a CBD-dominant flower, you’re still likely to feel a little high, even if it’s not at the level that you’d normally get from the majority of strains.


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These types of strains, with their mild highs, are great for group sessions where you want to keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, but don’t want to get burnt out. Strains like Harlequin, ACDC, and Pennywise are all CBD-dominant, but still possess a touch of THC for a lightly euphoric experience.

Combine a Joint With CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are all the rage, and so is CBD. So it’s not hard to believe that CBD bath bombs are becoming particularly popular these days.

Sitting in a tub full of 100mg of CBD as you puff on a king-size Elements paper full of Grape Ape might just lead you to the most relaxed high of all time. This is perhaps the most perfect example of how a THC lover can infuse CBD into their life and enhance their cannabis experience.

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