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(Greenbrier, Co.) WVVA – CBD oil has never been more popular, but with price tags starting at $45 dollars and going up to over a hundred dollars a bottle, consumers want to make sure they know what they are buying.

Lynell Braught, Ph.D. and owner of Dry Creek Farms CBD oil said he saw diols listed on the ingredients of one CBD oil bottle. “I’ve worked a lot of labs in my past I did not recognize that name. So I googled it. It is a scientific name for ethylene-glycol– anti-freeze.” Dr. Braught says this is a good example of research that consumers can do by reading the label. He says reading the label will also ensure a consumer understands the amount of CBD in the bottle versus the amount of CBD per dosage. Dr. Braught said, “Fifteen milligrams a day is the bottom end up to fifty milligrams a day is pretty much the standard [for] medicinal uses of it.”

Dr. Braught also warned that when it comes to new products like CBD candies, additional ingredients could altar the effectiveness of the CBD.

Dr. Braught also cautioned against any company that may use hemp plants that have been treated with pesticides.

Don Wise owns Natural Alternatives in Fairlea, which specializes in CBD oil retail. Wise said, “90 percent of the people that come in, they’re searching for education on CBD.”

Wise advised buying from companies that use a third party to test each batch. He said if a company does not post this information on their website you can always contact the manufacturer to ask.

Wise also said that if you are worried about failing a drug test, while all brands do not contain enough THC for a user to experience any effects, his store carries brands that have zero THC.

If CBD oil is still too pricey for your budget there may be a bright spot ahead. Wise said that a large increase in farmers growing hemp could result in a price decrease in CBD. Wise said, “We’re growing ten times more this year than what was grown last year. So I do see the price coming down.”

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