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Your morning routine has a lot to do with setting the tone of your day: whether you play your favorite upbeat songs as you’re getting ready, fuel up with a nutrient-dense breakfast or layout everything you need to leave the house in less of a frenzy than usual, it’s the little things that set you up for success. We’ve got one more suggestion to help you get your day started the right way: check out these Buddha Beans CBD-Infused Whole Coffee Beans, infused with 100% organic, non-GMO CBD extracted naturally from USA-grown hemp.

CBD is making its way into all kinds of things: whether you’re enjoying it in gummy bears or giving it to your canine pal in the form of dog treats. CBD is known for its healing properties, which can range from increasing your sense of calm and well-being, to decreasing symptoms associated with inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia.


Most likely, you’re going to start your day off with a cup of coffee anyway — what better way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD than with this bag of organic Mexico single-origin coffee beans. It features a smooth roast with low acidity and contains delicious notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and citrus.

It’s a better way to start your day, guaranteed. Usually these Buddha Beans CBD-Infused Whole Coffee Beans are $33, but you can get them here for $26.


Buddha Beans CBD-Infused Whole Coffee Beans – $26

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