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Vaping has gained such immense popularity over recent years that now the question is no longer whether or not you vape, but what you use to vape. Have you gone the old school route and use cig-a-likes? Do you prefer using vape pens? Or do you happen to prefer pod mods? However you choose to vape is entirely up to you, but if you’d like to take your smoking to the next level, look no further than the Hera 2.

Dubbed as the world’s most advanced dual-use vaporizer, the Hera 2 delivers the ideal vaping experience. It comes with Herbal and Extract modes which you can seamlessly switch around depending on your mood, and boasts hybrid heating technology that results in high-quality, dense vapor. Unlike standard pocket vaporizers, this one is designed to withstand anything. Sure, it’s small enough to keep inside your back pocket, but it’s still very much capable of producing thick, milky vapor with every hit.

It comes with a chock-full of other top-notch components, too. The Hera 2 features haptic touch controls, a ceramic and stainless steel hybrid dual-chamber, and a 2680 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery that allow for a 90-minute session time. It also packs highly customizable temperature control that you can regulate via the built-in VUI touch screen. Plus, it has a Micro-USB charging interface, allowing you to juice it up on the go.

Normally retailing for $199.99, you can get the Hera 2 on sale now for $126.99 — a savings of 36 percent.

Grab the 'World’s Most Advanced’ Dual-Use Vaporizer at a Discount
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