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Cannabidiol or CBD has gained immense popularity over the last few years. There are several reasons behind this. CBD is rather helpful in dealing with any type of physical pain. It is also useful in dealing with anxiety related issues and stress. Even if you suffer from seizures, CBD can help cure the ailment for you. You will be surprised to know that CBD is also equally useful for your pets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, Cannabidiol can help your pet overcome a variety of health problems without any side effects. It absolutely natural and safe for your beloved pets.

What Do You Understand By CBD?

Amongst the numerous active compounds found in cannabis, Cannabidiol is a common name. Along with CBD, cannabis also has THC, which is another active compound and is rich in psychoactive properties that makes you feel “high” after use. CBD is absolutely different from THC. It will never make you feel “high” and is rather used for several medicinal uses. When you talk about CBD oil, it is basically a highly concentrated form of the Cannabidiol compound itself. It is mainly used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. CBD oil is basically made by passing a solvent, such as alcohol or olive oil, to a hemp plant. This solvent passes through the plant and absorbs the cannabinoids present in the plant. As a result of this, you get a non-toxic, natural, and extremely safe medication that you can easily give to your beloved pets.

Is It Safe to Give CBD To Cats?

It is good to know that CBD oil is often administered to a dog or a cat to improve their overall quality of life and also to ease out any symptoms of health problems. However, it is important for you to note that it may not cure these health problems. This is why it is normally suggested that you take your cat to a vet the moment you notice that it is not well due to some reason.

Two different cats may not react in a similar manner to CBD. This is simply because every cat is unique, and they have one of a kind personality. Cats also have individual physical structure. Most of the vets have agreed to the fact that CBD is indeed safe for cats and will seldom give rise to any side effects. Nonetheless, it is always safe and better to consult with your vet before you decide to give CBD to your cat. It is normally seen that holistic vets are extremely useful in deciding whether CBD will be the right option for your cat or not.

As far as safety is concerned, it is important that you administer CBD to your cat in the right dosage. One of the most common causes of side effects in cats due to CBD is a high dosage. This is why it is always better to try and find out about the right dosage of CBD for your pet so that it can reap through the benefits of the hemp plant extract.


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