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Bert Alonso is just three months into his new venture, CBD Hemp World (3165 S. 27th St.), but he knows he’s in good company. “We have a great group of cannabidiol (CBD) entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee area, and it’s become almost like a family. We speak all the time and share information,” he says. “I wouldn’t be here today if not for our friends who own dispensaries or CBD retail shops. They’ve been very helpful and gave us good information and a sense of direction. We all want to do what’s right for the customer.”

A May 2019 article in Forbes magazine reported that the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S. could surpass $20 billion by 2024. Alonso’s not surprised by those statistics. He first started using CBD for back pain and arthritis. “I was amazed how CBD helped without relying on traditional medicine that has side effects,” he says. “I saw an opportunity to provide a place where anybody can come in and learn how to use CBD, and they know what they’re using, how it’s going to work and how it can help alleviate anxiety, depression and pain.”

CBD Hemp World, located in a former Boost Mobile store on the busy 27th Street, is next to the Milwaukee landmark Leon’s Frozen Custard and near St. Luke’s Medical Center. “It’s a great place to open and sell our CBD products for people looking to get relief from their various symptoms,” he says. “Now that CBD’s in the limelight, people have a lot of questions, so for those of us who are entrepreneurs in CBD retail, we want to help customers make sound choices as to what’s going to help them in their lives.”

‘Customers Will End Up Being the Winners’

Alonso credits his staff with taking time to listen to and educate people about CBD. Being in close proximity to the Hispanic community, the staff is bilingual. They carry tinctures, topical sprays, roll-ons and pain sticks, edibles, pet treats and vapes in varieties called Pineapple Express, Elektra, fruit punch and more. “Our customers like the variety,” he notes. Brands include Sussex-based Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, Just CBD, GoGreen Hemp, Select, Hemplucid, CBD Daily and others. Alonso hopes to add more Wisconsin products once the 2019 crop is harvested.

Although Wisconsin has yet to legalize medical marijuana, Alonso believes that—even if marijuana is legalized medically or recreationally—CBD sales and use will remain strong. “It’s already helping millions of people with pain and anxiety, and if that’s already helping, and it gets them through their day, I don’t necessarily see them switching over to THC,” he says. “A lot of people have illnesses that THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] works great for, but whether it’s CBD or THC, if it’s well regulated, customers will end up being the winners.”

Alonso notes that people who farm hemp and produce CBD products have to go through stringent steps through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, but there’s a lack of regulation on a federal level from the Food and Drug Administration. He’d like to see that change through more uniform clarity and clearer labeling, particularly with edibles—a fast growing market in the CBD arena.

For more information, visit cbdhempworldusa.com. Note that any health claims in this article are intended for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as substitutes for medical advice. Consult with a health care provider before starting any treatment.

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