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LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cann, the recently launched delicious low-dose cannabis beverage, is now available throughout Los Angeles on Eaze, the largest marketplace for on-demand cannabis delivery. Cann is available in multi-flavor six-packs for $30 and will be delivered cold, starting today, dramatically expanding the beverage’s availability as it seeks to own a new cannabis product category. This launch on Eaze marks the first time a micro-dose, six-pack cannabis beverage (<5 MG) is available for delivery on the platform. Cann is the first cannabis beverage that actually tastes amazing, and is a refreshing treat on warm summer days and nights.

Cann co-founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson created Cann as the perfect option for consumers looking for alcohol alternatives that can fit into their healthy lifestyle. Consumers can enjoy three Canns for fewer calories than a spiked seltzer drink or a glass of wine, while still consuming less THC than the standard edible, giving consumers more control over their cannabis experience.

„Consumers are looking for new ways to enjoy cannabis and Cann is perfect for those looking for a low-dose, sociable option,” said Bullock. „We’ve met a unique market need and have seen great success with our sales in select retail stores across Southern California so far. Now through our launch on Eaze, we’ll be able to reach more consumers than ever before by delivering our delicious social tonics directly to their door.”

Key highlights about Cann include:

  • Cann is a great alternative to alcohol and is meant to be enjoyed in all social situations, day or night, giving consumers a light, energetic social buzz, without the hangover.
  • It comes in three all-natural citrus and herbal flavors, barely sweetened with organic agave nectar, including grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender and blood orange cardamom.
  • Every Cann contains 2 MG of THC and 4 MG of CBD – most edibles or other cannabis beverages are dosed too high, which can be overpowering for most consumers.

The co-founders believe that THC and CBD work best when they’re combined. The THC provides a light buzz while the CBD lessens anxiety and smooths out the high. Together, they create a fun, social experience that can be shared with friends, all without a hangover.

As a technology platform with nearly half a million active consumers, Eaze has unique insights into cannabis consumer preferences and behaviors. Cann’s cutting-edge product meets the growing demand for micro dosed edible products Eaze is seeing. Cann’s brand and mission to create a flavor-first, delicious tasting cannabis drink is perfect  to round out Eaze’s best in class cannabis marketplace, delivering safe, legal access to cannabis for adults across California.

About Cann
Crafted in California in 2019, Cann is the first actually low-dose THC beverage on the market. THC & CBD, all natural citrus and herbal flavors, and a touch of agave nectar blend together to create a light, refreshing social buzz. With only 35 calories and the lightest THC dose on the market (2 mg), drinkers can(n) have a few. Cann gives everyone from the cannabis curious to the cannabis connoisseur drinking options that are better for the body. Soon, there will be beer, wine and Canns at every social occasion. The future is fluid — get involved at or @drinkcann on Instagram. 

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