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Should you eat cannabis seeds? Explore the 6 potential health benefits© iStock/Nastasic

Medical cannabis comes in many forms such as oils, creams, edibles and more – but could cannabis seeds be another alternative? Here guest contributor Kathy T. Cooley explores further.

The increasing availability of medical cannabis allowing people to embrace the plant and experience all the health benefits that come with it. However, some people prefer using cannabis seeds instead of medical cannabis. Do you know why? Keep reading to find out as we look at six significant benefits that you can get from eating cannabis seeds.

1. Helps you to improve your digestion

Sativa seeds contain a lot of fibre, which is essential to enable you to have proper digestion. Therefore, taking cannabis seeds helps you to clear your digestion tract and remove any toxic substances that can prevent the food you eat from going through digestion properly.

Also, eating these seeds enables you to reduce any cases of bloating, constipation, and gives you relief when having diarrhoea. The soluble fibre in marijuana can also help you to control your cholesterol levels and the production of bile juice in your digestive system.

2. Cannabis seeds help in weight maintenance

If you are planning on losing some weight, then eating cannabis seeds can be a great solution. Since these seeds are rich in fibre, they keep you satiated for longer duration hence preventing you from overeating. Studies suggest eating cannabis seeds helps you to lose weight since you are not consuming excess food. Also, cannabis seeds have low fat and calorie content, which makes them the perfect choice to help you manage your weight.

The seeds contain vital nutrients that help to ensure that you stay healthy while still losing excess weight. The best way to consume them is by adding them to your salad after you soak them or in your smoothies.

3. Helps in improving cardiovascular health

Cannabis seeds have omega acids, which help in the production of nitric oxide in your body. Therefore, the omega acids in marijuana seeds can help you to reduce your blood pressure and enhance your cardiovascular function. Also, eating marijuana seeds can help you to reduce the risk of getting a stroke as it can cause blood clot formation.

The arginine in cannabis seeds can enable you to relax and dilate your blood levels, which can help you to reduce the risk of getting a heart attack. Also, these seeds are rich in gamma-linoleic acid, which is useful in reducing some proteins that can lead to inflammation in your heart and its surrounding areas hence keeping it healthy.

4. Helps to keep the skin healthy

The seeds have significant oils that can be very helpful in preventing your skin from getting acne and some skin diseases. These seeds are also rich in fatty acids, which can help you avoid experiencing dryness, redness, itchiness, and inflammation on your skin. Additionally, eating cannabis seeds can help you in treating severe skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis.

5. Increase muscle growth

For you to grow muscle efficiently, you need a significant amount of protein. The seeds have a high protein content, which means that they have a lot of amino acids. You can benefit a lot, especially if you usually work out, and need something to help you boost your protein intake. So, eating these seeds can be very helpful if you are aiming at growing muscle.

6. Helps in reducing PMS and menopause symptoms

The mental and physical stress that you might experience when you have PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is usually due to the sensitivity that you might have to prolactin.

Cannabis seeds have gamma-linolenic acid, which can help you produce prostaglandin E1, which enables you to minimise the effects that you might experience from prolactin. The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) can also help you to regulate inflammation and hormonal imbalances that might occur when you reach your menopause.


Eating cannabis seeds has a lot of health benefits, such as helping in pain management. However, eating these seeds might lead to some side effects like allergic reactions to other people. So, you should seek medical assistance when you experience some side effects after eating cannabis seeds. Also, you can consult a doctor so you can get professional advice on how you can use these seeds to get their maximum benefits without any effects.

Kathy T. Cooley
Guest Contributor

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