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LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In addition to their acclaimed release of several new high-potency hemp oil tinctures, PureKana – an American-owned CBD oil company that has been leading domestic sales for the majority of 2019 – has announced an update to their online website.

Customers can now quickly browse the brand’s full range of high-quality products by potency, cannabinoid profile, and dose per serving – a first in the industry and an improvement that CEO Jeff Yauck says has been a long time coming.

„Finding the right CBD product – and by that I mean one that will actually be appropriate for your specific needs – shouldn’t be a confusing or overwhelming process,” says Yauck. „It’s really pretty simple, but some brands out there would have you think otherwise. They want you to think they’re the only ones who know what’s right for you.”

PureKana, which ranked as a leading CBD oil seller in the USA for three years running (2017 – 2019), has also taken measures to improve the public’s knowledge and awareness about non-psychoactive cannabis-based extracts in general.

„We’ve invested a lot this past year in increasing public awareness,” Yauck says. „Some people still think CBD is some sort of a loophole to using legal marijuana – this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our non-GMO products are grown on organic farms in the U.S., with each batch tested for purity and cannabinoid content.”

PureKana has also released several new products to supplement the launch of the new interactive online store. In addition to its flagship hemp tincture, the brand is ramping up manufacturing on innovative CBD-infused creations like toothpicks, vape units, and activated charcoal bath bombs. Of course, the company’s core product range will still be a top priority.

„It’s a different feeling for sure, but people across the globe are now relying on us,” says Yauck. „It’s an ongoing compromise between trying to innovate and deliver new products, and trying to meet increasing demands for our core range of tinctures, CBD gummies, and pet treats.”

„Of course,” the California native says „this is the type of challenge [that] I’m always wanting for our brand. The site update is simply the corollary of our larger ambition – and that is to deliver the purest, most effective CBD products on earth.”

You can check out the new interactive user platform – as well as shop the brand’s complete organic range of products – by visiting


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