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Today is National CBD Day, and while we all know these holidays are made up, we enjoy them anyway. Here at Scouted, we cover a whole slew of products—CBD being one of the newest. And over the course of testing multiple kinds of CBD products, we’ve found our favorites that we think you should invest in. Below are picks from Scouted editors Jillian Lucas and Gideon Grudo to share what we love and help you find what you’ll love.


Cypress Cannabidiol Restore Bath Soak, $33 at Daughter of the Land: The Epsom salt-based bath soak is formulated with CBD (hemp) oil, olive oil, French grey salt, Cypress oil, Douglas Fir oil, and peppermint oil. It smells like a crisp forest in winter and promises an extra level of stress release any normal bath soak can’t touch. Add two handfuls of the Cypress Cannabidiol Restore Bath Soak to a running bath and get ready to achieve ultimate relaxation as the crystals dissolve into the water.

Sweet Reason Grapefruit Sparkling Water (6-Pack), $40 from Standard Dose: This is one of the brands that I’ve tried from my bodega and the grapefruit is my favorite. With 7mg of CBD, it’s just the right amount to take the edge off. It’s tangy and bubbly and flavorful—basically everything you want from a good seltzer.

Beboe Serum, $148 at Neiman Marcus: The serum packs a punch of 300mg of CBD. It’s 100% natural, without fragrances, parabens, silicone, preservatives, phthalate, gluten, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, or palm oil. While wearing it, I could feel a little bit of a tingle across my skin. A tingle usually means things are taking an irritating turn, but this tingle was more like your arm waking up from being asleep rather than one that indicates an allergic reaction. And while it wasn’t a drastic change after the 25 minutes I left it on for, the next morning my skin felt nourished and brightened.

Vertly Peppermint CBD Lip Balm, $22 at Standard Dose: I’m something of a lip balm hoarder. I have three different types of lip stuff in my desk drawer at this very moment. So after trying this one, I knew I had found a tiny jar I’ll want to keep on hand. It’s incredibly minty (in a sweet way, not a toothpaste-y way) and it tingles in just the right way. It’s also incredibly soft and melts into my parched lips.


CBD Gummy Mix Pack, $132 at Charlotte’s Web: What really stood out to me is how much I enjoyed the notion of specific-use gummies, where differently flavored ones worked toward different ends. My favorite of the three has to be the ginger-and-turmeric-flavored Recovery gummies, designed to help support exercise-related inflammation. The lemon-and-lime-flavored Calm gummies aim to help increase your focus and relax you. And the raspberry-flavored Sleep gummies are paired with melatonin for a natural aid to help get you more rest. 

CBD Topical Salve, $50 at CBDistillery: about a month ago, I rolled my ankle on a run back from the gym. Once I made it home, I got a teaspoon-worth of the salve on my finger and rubbed it into my ankle. There wasn’t any smell and soon the salve was fully absorbed into my skin. By the time I was done showering, the pain of the injury had nearly dissipated. Did it fix me up alone? Of course not, but it sure helped me feel better. I’ve been using it regularly since for soreness. 

Vegan CBD Gummies, $44 at Sunday Scaries: After getting a pack of these sour gummies, I immediately thought it was a great idea. After all, everyone knows that sour gummies make for nearly perfect candy (right?) and offering them up as a CBD option is brilliant. And they didn’t disappoint—they’re delicious, sour and sweet, and effective. For variety in your gummies and a nice sour kick, I definitely recommend puckering up and giving these a shot.

Full Spectrum CBD Infused Softgels, $60 at CBDistillery: These are fairly small as far as softgels go, so they slide down easily. And they’re some of the quickest to use (pop!) and most packable. If I were to travel and wanted to bring CBD along, the softgels would be perfect since taking them is speedy and they look like any other pill for those of us socially shy of CBD-ing in public still. 


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