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Local business educates community on CBD health benefits

YUMA, Ariz. – Products with cannabidiol, better known as CBD, are appearing in stores and online.

Whether in capsules, drops or topical ointments, CBD’s popularity is growing around the country and the desert southwest is no exception.

That’s why it’s important to know exactly what it is, how to use it, and if it’s right for you.

The hemp-derived supplement has whole-body wellness benefits, which is why the owner of Sunshine Herbs, Krista DuCharme,  stresses that CBD shouldn’t be confused with marijuana.

It does not get you high. It is federally legal. So it’s just an overall really good healthy product, she said.

According to DuCharme who has 20-years of experience in the health industry, CBD is great for brain functions, lowering blood sugar, treating anxiety, and reducing inflammation and pain. 

However, consumers shouldn’t just purchase any item that’s labeled as CBD.

DuCharme said, What [consumers] really want to look for is a hemp extract. So between the leaves, the stems and the actual buds that they create, they go and take an extraction and use extraction methods with the plant part. A full spectrum extract is most beneficial.

DuCharme helps educate the community on a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Something she’s done since she became the owner of Sunshine Herbs 3-years ago, which has the largest selection of CBD products in Yuma.

Now, instead of running to the doctor for prescription drugs, some people are looking for a more natural alternative with fewer side effects, and are turning to holistic products.

Javier Sardina initially came into Sunshine Herbs looking for a post-workout smoothie, when he was introduced to CBD products.

Sardina said, I’m 57 [years old] and I want to live a good quality and healthy life. Especially as you get older I think you need to be aware of supplements and your body changes. You need to educate yourself on what’s available out there.

Sardina confirmed CBD products have improved his sleep, reduced muscle soreness, and even treated his allergies.

DuCharme added that many Yuma locals are experiencing the benefits as well, saying, We do have a lot of elderly customers and veterans. We get a lot of veterans that are in pain and trying to get off of certain medications.

She even recommends CBD as a safe alternative treatment for children suffering from conditions ranging from ADHD to seizures.

Consumers are encouraged to seek guidance from a doctor before considering CBD as a treatment for any condition.

CBD may not be the right option for everyone and it’s important to research what works best for your body and health.

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