AriZona Tea maker, pot company partner for THC-infused items – 10News

(KGTV) — The maker of the famous 99-cent iced tea consumers recognize from the grocery coolers is getting into the cannabis market.

Dixie Brands, a Denver-based marijuana company, and AriZona Beverages announced the partnership Friday for „the production, distribution and sale of cannabis-infused products” with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Under the three-year agreement, Dixie Brands and Herbal Enterprises, an Arizona-affiliated entity, will create the brand and product design, while Dixie Brands develops, formulates, manufactures, and distributes the portfolio of new AriZona-branded THC products.

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Don Vultaggio, chairman of AriZona Beverages, said the cannabis market is an ideal avenue for the company to explore.

„AriZona has always led the way in product innovation,” Vultaggio said. „The cannabis market is an important emerging category, and we’ve maintained our independence as a private business to be positioned to lead and seize generation-defining opportunities exactly like this one.

„The cannabis category is an ideal space to bring the flavor and fun of AriZona into new and exciting products…”

Though, it’s not clear if the two companies plan to create a new line similar to AriZona’s affordable iced teas. Dixie Brands, however, has its own well-known line of THC-infused drinks called „elixirs.”

It’s also unclear if the products will be available in states that haven’t legalized recreational marijuana use, as THC is the main substance in marijuana that is responsible for causing a high.

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