In Oklahoma, cannabis billboards irk some –

After his second loss in 2016, Chabot moved his family to McKinney, Texas, and according to the Press-Enterprise newspaper in Riverside, California, he described the Golden State as “overrun by illegals, drug addicts and violent criminals under the umbrella of a radical liberal ideology that has destroyed the state.”

In Texas, Chabot runs a company called Conservative Move, which helps right-leaning people and families relocate from liberal strongholds to red states.

The company has assisted numerous people who have relocated from the West Coast, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. For those like Chabot, cannabis billboards aren’t the best welcome signs to the Sooner State.

“It’s sad for Oklahoma,” he said. “I saw this in California and now in Oklahoma. If it was one billboard, maybe I wouldn’t have thought much about it, but this is a huge money industry. You can tell it’s professionally marketed.

„It’s spread like a cancer from one state to the other. It kind of places us in a bit of a quagmire, because a lot of our clients are moving from San Jose, the Bay Area and the L.A. area, and their story is wanting to get their kids away from drug culture. I think it will impact families that might have considered Oklahoma.”

Junction 420

In Love County, where the Chabot family crossed into Oklahoma from Texas, marijuana tax revenues in March were roughly $620. That number grew nearly 550% by June, when the total reached $3,400.

Junction 420 is a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary that operates in Marietta. The company bills itself as “Southern Oklahoma’s Preferred Dispensary” on a billboard that signals the location off Exit 15.

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