Michigan Lab May Have Issued Inaccurate THC Potency Data – Cannabis Dispensary

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issued an advisory of “inaccurate potency results” from The Spott, a licensed testing lab located in Kalamazoo. Between May 3 and July 11, products tested at The Spott registered THC potency levels that could be incorrect. 

THC potency levels listed on products that came through The Spott were either higher or lower than the actual levels, according to the MRA. It’s unclear how the inaccurate THC levels were reported to Michigan’s statewide monitoring system.

The Spott is one of six labs licensed to test cannabis products in Michigan. During the timeline cited by the MRA, The Spott was testing products sourced from both licensed cultivators and caregivers (who, according to recent court orders, must sell their cannabis products to those licensed cultivators, who will then funnel the products to testing labs).

“We’ve identified our problems and we’ve corrected them and we’re going on from here,” Linda Palmatier, owner of The Spott, told MLive. “There were some inaccurate numbers; we worked with [the MRA] to solve it.” 

State officials ask that any medical cannabis patients report adverse reactions to marijuana products to the MRA by emailing MRA-enforcement@michigan.gov or by calling 517-284-8597.

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