10 steps the hemp CBD industry must take to succeed – New Hope Network

Pitfalls—and opportunities—line the golden road to total hemp acceptance and devotion.

The business opportunity is growing like a weed for cannabis—most specifically hemp CBD as far as the natural products industry and natural retailers go. Thanks in no small part to the 2018 Farm Bill (and the 2014 one before that), the dominoes are falling to bring nature’s mighty hemp plant to widespread acceptance. Everything, it seems, is coming up roses:

  • Strong consumer interest has created strong pull from retail.
  • Investors are pouring money into the space, from farms and processing facilities to food and beverage concerns.
  • The rabid market is ahead of the science, as well as the regulators.
  • Retailers, who have long relied on supplements to keep them in the black, are rejoicing at this red-hot trend with huge margins that is bringing new customers into their stores.

“The world is slowly moving toward a carbohydrate economy—one that relies on plant materials—and away from a petroleum economy,” said John Roulac, president of RE Botanicals organic hemp CBD company and Nutiva hemp nuts brand, and author of Hemp Horizons: The Comeback of the World’s Most Promising Plant. “Hemp fits well into this resource shift, and can transform our over-reliance on petroleum-based products and processes.”

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