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This spring, a CBD shop opened in the mall, announced a grand opening, promptly closed and moved to Meridian. All in the space of a few weeks.

Now, another CBD shop applied to open in Boise.

Jason Miley applied for an occupancy permit for the former Cricket Wireless building on Broadway Ave near Rossi St. The Honey Pot CBD would take over the 1,560 square foot space.

Miley describes it as a “health and wellness store selling CBD products that contain zero THC such as oils, topicals, soaps, supplements and pet products.” On Facebook, the owners said the store would be “soon to be CBD certified to answer any and all CBD related questions.”

The ABC’s of CBD

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive substance found in marijuana. CBD products are made from hemp, a genetic relative of marijuana that has low or no THC.

A 2015 opinion from the Idaho Attorney General said to be legally allowed, CBD products “cannot contain ‘any quantity’ of THC.” Otherwise, they would be considered controlled substances.

The City of Boise will need to sign off on the occupancy permit, but a Boise Police Department spokesperson told BoiseDev in May that the department does not get involved in the legality of products sold up front.

“We don’t sign off on any type of business like this,” BPD public information officer Haley Williams said when we asked about the shop that opened at Boise Towne Square.

She said the department would get involved on the backside if the business opened and a complaint came in.

“If there is a reported problem with a particular product that someone is selling, we can investigate that report and will work with the prosecutor to determine what laws apply, if any, based on the results of the investigation,” Williams said.

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