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Airgraft is launching the Airgraft Clean Vaporizer, a smart pod and device system that is shaking up the industry. Made of polished ceramic, Airgraft elegantly conceals a suite of technology features that give control and transparency to users.

„Airgraft is built by a group of passionate people on a mission to do things right. Vapor as a delivery method has been a true game-changer, but it is time to establish much higher standards of responsibility, transparency and quality people expect from modern brands,” said Mladen Barbaric, founder and CEO of Airgraft.

The system introduces consumable pod traceability, enabling Airgraft to optimize vapor, remove burn and perfectly serve different plant oils.

„Cannabis oil tastes better on Airgraft, period. No burn means it’s smooth, it’s authentic to the plant, and respectful to the craft of artisan oil extraction. I only work with best in class products, and there is nothing like Airgraft,”  said Marley Bankoff, Founder of Evolvd and pioneering cannabis taste maker.

Airgraft works with the Airgraft mobile app to deliver clean vapor and advanced features.  Draw Volume Control gives users the ability to precisely measure draws in real-time and provides a draw volume lock to ensure complete control. Other features include full history and provenance of each oil, access to lab reports for composition and compliance, as well as industry leading safety locks to help parents keep vaporizers away from minors.

Airgraft Clean Vaporizer is available for pre-order now for $68 USD at Select retail locations and delivery platforms to be revealed in early September, starting in Los Angeles, California. A selection of curated oils by artisan producers will be available for purchase in limited quantities from September 4th.

About Airgraft

Airgraft Inc. is a responsible vaporization technology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Airgraft designs, develops, and sells vaporization hardware and software. Airgraft was founded in 2018 by a multinational team of designers, engineers, scientists and technologists with a rich history of global brand and product launches. Airgraft is supported by top cannabis and consumer industry investors, and leaders of key luxury fashion, alcohol and CPG brands.

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