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Now that they are the entrepreneurs behind the VENA Welness CBD product line, Eddie and Tamra Judge are a wellspring of information about cannabis. Since launching their business online in JanuaryThe Real Housewives of Orange County couple has made it a point to answer fans’ many questions about cannabis on social media. And now, Tamra has shared what may be one of her most valuable pieces of advice about cannabis ever.

When Tamra sat down with The Feast at Bravo HQ in NYC, she shared a pretty wild story about what happened when she and Eddie ate too many THC edibles. Spoiler: „We were spinning like we were on acid… we were idiots!”

(To clarify, THC is cannabis’ psychoactive component, while CBD does not have psychoactive properties when consumed.)

Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge

Well, since that experience, Tamra has learned what they best thing to do is… should anyone else find themselves in a similar situation: „Now I know that you can take CBD and it counteracts [the effects of too much THC. It will take that psychoactive feeling down, it’ll reduce it.”

Good to know.

And overall, Tamra said — despite her own „horrible” experience — her advice for people curious about eating THC edibles is don’t be scared off. Just be smart, and patient too. Her advice? „Try ’em — just don’t take too many!”

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