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Thanks to countless inaccurate studies and non-stop prejudices popping up every day about vaping, people are still divided on accepting vaporizers as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. And it’s no wonder why, as these misconceptions continue to outnumber the amount of information available about vaping, both for users and non-users alike.



This time, we’ll try to tip off the balance more in favor of vaping by drawing the line between fact and fiction. In this post, we’ll go Ghostbusters mode as we list down five common myths about vaporizers and find the truth behind these misconceptions.

1. Vaporizers are explosive

This issue seems to be one of the most favorite arguments of groups and individuals who are against using vaping. According to them, vaporizers pose a high risk to users because it can explode at any random time, whether you’re just charging it or while smoking.

If that’s the case, then vapes should’ve been completely banned from public use. But it’s not, because there have only been a few cases of vape explosion around the world.

And most of them are due to the user’s irresponsibility. There’s quite a curious bunch among the vaping population that feels foolishly bold to mess around with their vapes, like:

  • Using unregulated mod batteries
  • Using chargers that are different from what’s recommended by the manufacturer or the seller
  • Overcharging; 80% of reported vaporizer explosions were due to overcharging, as reported by the US Fire Administration
  • Storing spare batteries and the vaporizer in the same place; the battery can cause a short circuit when it comes to contact with metallic objects, igniting an explosion

As you’ve noticed, these reasons are quite common with any electrical devices out there. So as long as you use your vaporizers with precaution, as you would with other electrical devices, you’re completely safe while smoking.

2.  Vaporizers bring more health hazard than smoking cigarettes

Vaporizers bring more health hazard than smoking cigarettes

Vaporizers bring more health hazard than smoking cigarettes

Vaporizers still contain nicotine, which causes cancer. So it’s still not safer than cigarettes!

People on the anti side may argue that smoking with vaporizers can still cause lung cancer because of its nicotine content. But the truth is, nicotine isn’t the main reason why smokers get lung cancer. This very idea is considered one of the biggest misconceptions about vaping (and smoking in general), and even doctors can agree. It’s also the reason why people associate smoking to vaping negatively.

Although there were studies that connect nicotine to damaging DNA that leads to having lung cancer, the idea of developing cancer through nicotine-only products is absolute bollocks. Nicotine is the main reason why smoking becomes addictive, but not the main cause of lung cancer, unlike tobacco.

Because vaporizers are tobacco-free, the only problem that remains here is smoking addiction.

3. Secondhand-high is possible when smoking in small areas

This one sounds ridiculous, but for the sake of people who aren’t well-versed with smoking, let’s make this clear.

Vaporizers create vapors, which are less dense and lighter than smoke. Therefore, it’s less persistent, and the chance of other people getting young, wild, and free with you is unlikely.

The only way other people around you can also get high is when you’re smoking in an enclosed room with no ventilation available. And even if this is the case, those in the same room with you will only feel a slight effect, because again, the vapor is less dense and lighter.

Also, we still got to see someone smoking weeds in this kind of place with other people who aren’t aboard getting high, let alone a smoker who’s willing to smoke in rooms with no windows or any ventilation. Thinking about it already makes us suffocated.

4. Secondhand smoke from vaporizers are harmful to bystanders

With vaping correlated to smoking, people tend to assume the secondhand smoke produced from vaporizers are as dangerous as those from tobacco cigarettes, when in reality, they’re not.

Secondhand smoke from vaporizers are harmful to bystanders

Secondhand smoke from vaporizers are harmful to bystanders

Your run-of-the-mill cigarettes produce smoke through burning its tobacco content, which contains harmful chemicals that can be passed on through secondhand smoking.

On the other hand, vaporizers use smoke-free products like vape juice or weeds to create water vapor inhaled by the user, along with other products like nicotine, propylene glycol or glycerine, and flavoring (for vape juices).

This is definitely safer than the 7000 chemicals burned from smoking tobacco cigarettes, according to Dr. Michael Blaha of Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease

There are still no successful studies today that can prove secondhand smoke from vaporizers is dangerous to bystanders, too.

5. Vaporizers form formaldehyde

A 2018 study by Portland State University discovered that when used to extreme levels, vaporizers can produce formaldehyde, which has been found to cause cancer in humans.

But the keyword here is “extreme level.” The vaporizers used in this study were used in ways that exceed what any smoker would dare to try. No one would want to smoke under high temperatures because if they did, the vapor produced won’t be tolerable anymore for the smoker.

Also, formaldehyde isn’t actually dangerous as one might think. It’s a common gas produced while cooking and is even used as food preservatives. Best of all, it’s a gas that occurs naturally in the environment, and small amounts of these are used by humans to regulate their metabolism.

In short, this study is to prove the toxin levels of vaping at inhumane levels, but isn’t a reliable reference to use in proving vaporizers form formaldehyde (or any other dangerous gas or chemicals) when used daily.

Let’s not sugarcoat it – vaporizers will always pose risks to our health and even safety, as like any other manmade vices. It’s not risk-free, but it’s definitely safer than smoking your old-school tobacco cigarettes.

Fact: Vaporizers are safe as long as you use them responsibly.

Fact: Vaporizers are safe as long as you use them responsibly.

In the end, it all falls down to how responsible of a smoker you are. If you practice moderation, maintain your vaporizer to a perfect condition, and avoid doing any dangerous modifications to your vape, you can enjoy getting your fix, whenever and wherever you want.

It sounds like common sense, but hey, in this day where curiosity is at its peak, having one seems like a rare situation.

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