West Glenwood gets a bit greener — new cannabis shop to open in late October – Glenwood Springs Post Independent

The Green Solution dispensary is set to open in West Glenwodo in late October.
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

The Green Solution has 17 cannabis shops in Colorado and plans to grow its business farther west with a new location in Glenwood Springs.

Located at 51701 Highway 6 & 24, in the space formerly occupied by Vic’s Route 6 Grillhouse, the Green Solution plans on opening its strictly recreational cannabis shop in West Glenwood Springs by late October.

“It looks really like an Apple store,” Green Solution CEO Steve Lopez said. “Nice, clean, no one has to be afraid of staying in the parking lot and getting a hippie vibe or any of the stoner stereotypes.”

The 4,300-square-foot shop will offer flower, edibles, beverages, topicals and more. The vast majority of which the Green Solution cultivates out of its three indoor grow facilities in Denver as well as its 150-acre outdoor grow in Trinidad.

According to Lopez, the Colorado-based, family-owned business employs approximately 700 people across its company and strives for a concierge approach when serving its patrons.

“First we try to understand exactly what our client needs,” Lopez said. “We have some folks that come in for pain relief. We have some folks … say they are going to a concert.”

The Green Solution breeds its own strains, which tailor to unique experiences such as live music or video games. Some of those strains include the sativa dominant Red Rocks Diesel for live shows and Player 1, a sativa intended for gamers.

“We have had gamers come in all of the time and say, ‘Hey, we’d love to have a strain for us,’” Lopez said of the impetus for growing Player 1. “So, we developed one.”

Additionally, the Green Solution’s Rubicon strain was recognized as the best CBD flower in the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup and in last year’s Rooster Magazine THC Classic.

“Then we have a very large line of edibles,” Lopez said. “Gummies, brownies, lollipops we really run the gamut on that.”

One of the Green Solution’s most popular beverages includes its 10mg THC infused root beer carbonated soda from NectarBee. The Green Solution also carries the dealcoholized, Belgian-style white ale cannabis beer Grainwave from Ceria Brewing Co., which was co founded by Blue Moon creator Keith Villa.

“We have a lot of folks that come in for our topicals and that’s like muscle balm, nerve salve,” Lopez said. “Folks that are using these lotions to relieve pain in their body.”

The Green Solution does not sell individual CBD products.

“However, we do have some products that are like a five-to-one CBD versus THC,” Lopez said. “The best effects that you have with CBD is actually when you also have THC in there. It’s so low, the THC, that you don’t feel it but it helps adhere to your body.”

Lopez said the Green Solution was looking forward to expanding its reach to the Western Slope and getting to know Glenwood Springs, specifically.

“Within any city that we come into we really get to know the regulations, the local government and really make sure that we are contributing to the community as well,” Lopez said.

In addition to the Glenwood Springs location, the Green Solution plans on opening a location in Aspen, too at 106 S Mill Street at a future date.


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