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There aren’t too many MDs who work with cannabis at this moment in time in the NY/Metro area. Maybe out on the left coast there are more open minded MDs, but here in the New York City and the environs, traditional medicine has completely stigmatized even the most basic conversation surrounding the use of cannabis for anything other than purely recreational use. I know firsthand. I have several MDs and even a heart surgeon in my own family who are stigmatized by cannabis. Cannabis is treated by them as a pariah instead of a cure. My conversations with these people of healing have been pretty heated surrounding our healing plant.

When I discovered the break-through video and consultative work being practiced by Dr. Mary Clifton, I felt that her science and passion for cannabis-based healing should be celebrated, instead of negated. This information is easily accessible on her website for the canna-curious on all sides of this brand-new, yet five thousand year old subject. It’s not easy to talk about cannabis to an MD who is from the „Old School” of medicine. They don’t want to hear about it as I found out a couple years ago with a concern I had. I was able to get relief at a time when very few people were approved for the medical cannabis program in New Jersey. Hopefully through the inclusive work that Dr. Clifton is practicing around her footprint, more and more „traditional” doctors will at the very least, take note and learn from her enthusiasm for change. Cannabis is not that bad!

Thank you. WB.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why teach cannabis use instead of a more traditional career in your field of medicine?  What was your inspiration for this path? What sets you apart from your competition? (Other doctors) What do think about thc and cbd together? 

Mary Clifton MD= MCMD: For years I heard my patients speak about the benefits of cannabinoids for their conditions.  But it wasn’t until I experienced the death of two people very close to me — my brother and my friend — that I saw firsthand the difference between death with and without cannabinoids.  these deaths were important enough to me that I handled the hospice at bedside myself, instead of through hospice nursing over the telephone. The difference with cannabis between these bedside experiences was striking  — it was so much easier to manage the dying process — I thought it was likely just a coincidence. But when I did some research, I realized there is extensive data on death and dying, as well as data on so many other conditions, and no one knows the research to make an informed decision on their health. I’m making  the research available to everyone, at no cost. 

WB: Please tell me about what you do? How do you integrate video into your training?  

MCMD: I am doing the research so you don’t have to — so people can have the information they need to use cannabinoids safely and effectively for recreational and medicinal needs.  I have the most extensively researched and referenced free video library on the internet, and I’m adding a video each day for one year. Anyone should be able to set aside a half hour and know everything they need to know to make a great selection for themselves online or at the dispensary. And if there are still lingering questions, telemedicine consultations through my trained providers or myself are available at a low cost that should be accessible to everyone. 

WB: Do you cook?  If so who taught you? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Where? Style of food? 

MCMD: I love to cook.  My father was a cook on the steamboats in the Great Lakes for twenty years. He cooked relatively exotic food on the boats and brought home unusual foods for us to try, so I may have become an accidental foodie because of him. My mother was utterly disinterested in cooking and never made anything from scratch, so between the two of them, it was a bit of a bipolar kitchen.   

When I grew up and went away to school, it was time to learn how to cook for myself and my little girl. And that’s exactly what I did —I cooked through all kinds of ordinary and exotic cookbooks and learned make nearly everything. So I think my own cooking is amazing —until I walk out of my building and find better food within a block of me in every direction. 

WB: What is your six month and one year plan? What markets would you really like to break into?

MCMD: My website is the one people use to answer questions they have about cannabinoids. I will continue to create referenced, researched content that is easy to understand and work on every potential distribution channel, including launching a TV show and syndication of my videos for companies and organizations within the cannabis community. 

5. If you could be anywhere in the world, right now- where would that be? Doing what? With whom? 

I’m currently loving my NYC life and can’t imagine a better place to be or an improved circumstance. After a few months of travel this summer, I’m a little homesick for my obscenely small and wickedly expensive Manhattan apartment, where I can watch the sun go down over the Hudson. At night in NYC I feel like I’m living in a jewelry box. The city twinkles all around me.

The energy of the city in general, and within the cannabis community in particular, always make me so excited to create and innovate when I come home. I love to work and shoot video and cook my meals, and get a little exercise wandering around this amazing town. However after a few weeks in NYC I’ll start to miss the charming south and the woodsy midwest, and all of California has such a pull. When the weather chills I start to think about mountains. Anytime of year, anywhere where water meets the earth and the creator has seen fit to give us a few feet of warm white sand, I’m grateful for all those places too. 

When the baby left for college I told her she’d be lucky if she knew where to find me,  and I’ve been hard to pin down for a couple of years now. I’m definitely not a homebody. 

Dr. Mary: Upper East Side

Dr. Clifton in New York City

Tanya Morgan, Green Street Photography

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