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Cannabis vaporizers are turning out to be very celebrated in the market these days, mainly because of its overall health benefits. The usual method for smoking weed, though broadly known over the world for a long time, harms well-being. Considering this, individuals are quickly changing from cigarettes to vaping e-fluids. Let us throw light on it further to discover what precisely is vaporizing and how it varies from smoking.

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing varies from smoking in the manner that this procedure does not include the consumption of weed, yet involves heating it at a specific high temperature. The warmth assumes the job of initiating the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis, which converts it into vapor for inhaling. This procedure excludes breathing in smoke as one would in the traditional method. Hence, it clearly shows us as to how you can abstain from contracting medical issues by pursuing the option of vaporizing. Read ahead to find out the benefits that arise out of using the cannabis vaporizer

Why should you choose to vaporize over smoking?

Smoking marijuana works entirely on the process of combustion of the leaves, which causes the production of harmful substances and tar. These byproducts are responsible for causing several health problems to the body. Hence, making a switch to vaporizing works well for the body. Besides this, there are other benefits, which are as follows.

Better flavor

While the process of vaping, one experiences various flavors of terpenes and different aromas that come from the strains. Contrary to vaping, smoking marijuana does not provide you with the same experience. Smoking marijuana will keep you bereft of these natural flavors. It happens because smoking involves the burning of the leaves, which destroys the subtlety of the attributes of cannabis. Hence, vaping produces an unmatched experience. 

Control over temperature 

Vaporizers are built in a way that they provide adjustable heat settings. Thus, how you want to control the temperature is within your reach. It gives you a choice as to whether to keep the temperature at high or low levels. The temperature dictates the intensity of the vaporizing experience you wish to have. Higher the strength you want higher should be the temperature. 

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Slight odor 

Those looking to experience the consumption of marijuana without producing much odor can take the resource of the use of vaping. It produces less smoke, thereby allowing you to be discreet about vaping.  No longer do you need to avoid consuming marijuana just because there are people around you. Vaping provides an efficient method without having to face the guilt of the spreading of smell around. 

Hence, the issue with the consumption of cannabis is not the cannabis itself, but its combustion. Smoking marijuana becomes as harmful as smoking tobacco in terms of contracting cancer. This is the reason why an alternative way to consuming cannabis helps the body avoid the negative effects that arise out of heating. Besides this, smoking of marijuana is also linked with the onset of problems in the airway and lungs, thereby increasing the chances of patients suffering from bronchitis. Hence, research suggests that vaping is a healthier substitute for consuming marijuana through smoking. 

The primary reason why vaping is better is that it does expose the body to the toxins that come along with smoking. Hence, vaping involves heating the cannabis leaves just enough to activate the compounds called cannabinoids and not burn it. It is the burning of the cannabis that is a major culprit for the body. Thus, the scope of harmful byproducts of smoking marijuana negatively impacting on the body decreases.

Better Respiratory health 

Those who regularly indulge in smoking marijuana are prone to catching many respiratory ailments. These range from coughing, tightness in the neck, phlegm, amongst a variety of others. Vaping, on the other hand, does not lead to the body suffering from such ailments. Thus, it is safer for use when it comes to avoiding the body incurring severe respiratory harm. This point of view finds support from the Professor of Psychology, Dr. Mitch Earlywine in his study at the State University of New York. 

Those looking to attain upliftment and a feeling of relaxation can try ILGM’s purple diesel strain. It has a sweet pine taste that is also known to treat ailments such as insomnia and depression. 

Disadvantages of smoking marijuana 

Having discussed some of the health repercussions of smoking marijuana, let us throw light on the other aspects of its disadvantages. 


Smoking marijuana involves burning of the leaves, which happens at a quicker speed. This helps attain the experience of the high, albeit for less time. Vaping provides a longer run of euphoria. This is because the herb in it lights slowly, thereby allowing the full extraction of THC available in it. 

According to a study, vaping aids in about 46% of the extraction of THC. Smoking a joint, on the other hand, has a conversion rate of just about 25%. The same study also found that there are more than 10 carcinogenic toxins that smoking marijuana releases, similar to that of smoking tobacco. 


There are a variety of toxins our body gets susceptible to suffer from, upon smoking marijuana. Some of the prominent ones are benzene, naphthalene, toluene and a variety of other carcinogens. 

Less control 

Vaping is a process that allows you to set the limit to which you want to experience the high. However, in smoking of marijuana, you can not vary the effects. Thus, smoking is not an option for those who wish to attain a lesser high.

Sense of flavor 

Smoking tends to mix all the aromas and flavors of different strains. This does not enable you to get a sense of distinctiveness. You can thus turn to vape to experience different flavors noticeably. 

The Highway Code also suggests that vaping helps achieve two benefits that smoking keeps us devoid of. Vaping produces the effect of THC on the body productively as compared to smoking. It also helps us protect ourselves from the deleterious effects that smoking marijuana brings to our lungs. 

Besides having THC, marijuana also contains CBD. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD has a wide array of benefits to the body. If you are looking to lay your hands on it, you can do so from the CBD Wholesale dispensaries. 

This article thus shows us that vaping is here to stay due to its amenability to health and overall experience. Hence, consider making a switch to it from smoking marijuana for its exhilarating qualities going ahead. To know more about the benefits of vaping, visit


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