Cannabis product recalled because it won’t get Canadians high enough – indy100

 A marijuana product has been recalled because it won’t get Canadians high enough.

The product, sold at a Quebec cannabis distributor, was mislabelled leading Health Canada to release an actual hazard warning.

Some customers received cannabis containing 12.2% THC while others received ‘Bayou Flower’ containing 6.36%.

That would probably mean some people were getting 50% higher than others depending on what they were sent.

As many as 16,818 units of the recalled product were sold though fortunately only 245 units were mislabelled.

The statement read:

To date, HEXO has received one complaint related to the recalled lot and Health Canada has not received any complaints related to the recalled lot.

Neither Health Canada nor HEXO have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product.

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